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Direct From Site Clearances

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Timesavers Grindingmasters

Timesavers Grindingmasters

We are delighted to announce our latest joint venture, working in partnership with the new company GE machinery the EXCLUSIVE agent for Timesavers in the UK

Timesavers Grindingmaster Machines were previously supplied and serviced  in the UK by Ellesco. NEW equipment and servicing for existing machines, can now be obtained through our partner GE machinery.

Our latest event includes a variety of Un-used, Refurbished and as seen models.

Unused machines are supplied with a 6 month warranty and refurbished 3 months.

More machines to be added later this week!

  • Available both immediately and with lead times (Refurbished)
  • Fraction of the price of NEW
  • Excellent quality 
  • Fully supported by OEM agent - GE Machinery
  • Unused machines have full operating and support documentation.

** Available immediately subject to remaining un-sold **
** To secure or to make an appointment to view - please call Helen on 01922 749 284 or [email protected] **

In partnership with
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Manual 35 Station Electroplating Plant for Copper, Nickel, Bright Chrome

Manual 35 Station Electroplating Plant for Copper, Nickel & Bright Chrome


Control you supply chain and bring production in-house for a fast ROI.
Expand your current production or product range and to companies onshoring their supply chain.

Comprising of:

  • Complete Manual 35 Station Electroplating Plant for Copper, Nickel & Bright Chrome 
  • Compatible Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Fume Extraction System
  • 100 compatible Jigs

A remarkable opportunity to secure a Plating line, effluent treatment, fume extraction and jigs for a fraction of the price of New!

  • Commissioned 2001
  • Used for high quality manufacturing of diving equipment
  • Fully operational, excellently maintained
  • Will be professionally decommissioned and dismantled for convenience of sale
  • Expert plating advice available for both process and re-installation
  • Located at Apeks Marine, in Blackburn, UK
  • Book an appointment to see this line working

Contact Helen on +44(0)1922 749 284 or [email protected] to discuss and secure this remarkable opportunity.

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ICS Cooling cell

Industrial Cooling Systems Cooling Cell

Just in time for the warmer weather - available immediately!

Industrial Cooling Systems Cooling Cell 2015 made up of Climaveneta Chiller, Transtherm Air Blast Cooler and Weir Plated Tank for Glycol + pumps and stainless steel pipework. 

Previously located at Ecosteel, Scotland, the cell was used to support their significant heat treatment installation, comprising of four, by maintaining the temperature of the associated Quench Tank.

  • Super efficient and economical
  • Adiabatic Free Cooling (provides "free" cooling for the majority of operation with chiller used for peak and high loads)
  • Low running costs - Power saving bypass valve
  • Designed for all year round operation (Summer & Winter)
  • Ran for less than 4 years - Very low usage - Maintained but not run since 2019
  • Excellent condition 
  • £106,000.00 when NEW 
  • Excellent service history available - ICS partners available for installation and commissioning
  • No removal costs

** Available immediately in stock now **
** To secure or to make an appointment to view - please call Helen on 01922 749 284 or [email protected] **

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RVS 3 SmartLine Round Bowl Vibratory Machine

Rollwasch Wheelabrator Vibro Finishing

Vibratory Finishing from one of Europe's premier manufacturers is now available immediately from our warehouse.

** Prices now reduced **

Rollwasch Italiana S.p.a, Italy, have 60+ years of specialized mass finishing experience and are the 'real deal' in this marketplace. Even the world renowned Wheelabrator group partnered with Rollwasch to import machines as part of their, now closed, UK Vibro division.

Key features of opportunity:-

  • Unused machinery in "as NEW" and "Brand New" condition
  • Full support for service and spares from the OEM Rollwasch
  • Excellent quality
  • Available immediately - no OEM lead time
  • Priced very competitively to sell 
  • Loaded to your transport or delivered worldwide

** Available immediately while stocks last **
** To secure or to make an appointment to view - please call Helen on 01922 749 284 or [email protected] **


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4M wide Industrial Ovens

4m Wide 250°C Electric Ovens Clearance

Price reduction held - only RDM & 2 Airflow Ovens remain - Secure yours now - Loaded to your transport.

Following restructuring at global manufacturer Trelleborg's UK site in Rochdale -  these high quality wide ovens are available immediately, having been professionally decommissioned and moved for the convenience of sale.

Securely Stored with D. Turner & Sons Machinery Relocation -  Experts in the safe removal, installation & transportation of machinery and plant equipment Since 1965

  • 250°C Temperature - perfect for curing and many industrial processes
  • 2 x Airflow 4m x 2m x 2m Electric Ovens (3 have now SOLD)
  • 1x RDM 4.2m x 2m x 2m Electric Oven

// Priced to sell immediately //
// Available Now - No OEM lead time //
// Transport & Installation Available //

Specification, condition, maintenance and calibration regimes for these ovens match the quality of the facility they come from.
Trelleborg are a global manufacturer in 50 countries. These ovens were used for high specification materials manufacturing such as syntactic foams designed for deep sea buoyancy in military & marine industries

Call Helen on 01922 749284 or email [email protected] to discuss
how these ovens can rapidly boost your capacity at a very low cost.

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Layton Bluestream 9 stage Aqueous Ultrasonic Machine

Layton Bluestream 9 Stage Aqueous Ultrasonic Machine

A superb quality, multi-stage, degreasing machine in excellent condition

  • Multiple Clean, Rinse and Drying stages for excellent flexibility and performance
  • 9 Ultrasonic Generators with multiple frequencies for cleaning power
  • Basket transport arm for unmanned operation
  • Automatic programmable mode with unlimited programs
  • Manual operation with precision joystick for ad-hoc processes
  • Includes 5 x Stainless Steel Baskets
  • Fully operational
  • Well maintained (full service history included)
  • Full operating manual and comprehensive programming instruction included

** Available immediately subject to remaining un-sold **
** To secure or to make an appointment to view - please call Helen on 01922 749 284 or [email protected] **

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Firbimatic SF 200 V Solvent Degreaser

Firbimatic SF 200 V Compliant Totally Enclosed Solvent Degreaser

Undoubtedly the best fully enclosed solvent degreaser Rileys has ever advertised for sale, this machine would particularly suit Powder Coaters instead of much larger pre treatment plants.

  • Available immediately - No OEM lead times
  • Excellent condition, fully operational & superbly maintained
  • Would cost more than £250,000 brand new 
  • Huge running cost savings due to inbuilt full solvent recovery & recycling
  • Technically supported by original supplier (UK based)
  • Ideal for pre-treatment prior to powder or paint coating
  • Significantly smaller footprint than an equivalent aqueous plant
  • Repeatable, excellent cleaning standard compared to aqueous

** Viewing by appointment only **

Please contact Helen to view or secure on 01922 749284 (DDI) or [email protected]

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Centotherm Furnace

Solar Panel Wafer & Semiconductor Machinery

All Machinery for Immediate Clearance - Guide Prices Listed - Make us an offer

Production machinery but prices so low considering purchasing these machines for spare parts or stand by plant.

Significant Benefits for you

  • Huge price discount
  • Available now - No manufacturer lead times
  • Moved to our central warehouse for convenience of sale and viewing

Formerly of Solar Capture Technologies, UK. 

Wide range of applications - Having been used in solar panel wafer manufacturing this equipment also lends itself to Microelectronic, Semiconductor, PCB, Thick Film and many other manufacturing processes. 

Please call Helen on +44 (0)1922 749 284 or email [email protected] to buy or arrange an appointment to view 

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Romer 1.5m x 1.2m x 2.0m 225°C Electric Oven

Unused Powder Coating Oven & Booth

This opportunity for a paired Powder Coating Oven and Powder Coating Booth shouldn't be missed.
Perfect for an Alloy Wheel Repair or Power coating business to start up or increase capacity.

These two machines were bought, brand new, from Riley Surface World in 2019 but have never been used.
Now available for sale at a significantly reduced price, Direct From Site, for a limited time period.

Act Now by calling Helen on 01922 749 284 or [email protected] to secure these machines

This matched oven and spray booth are also suitable for a wide range of powder coating businesses. Supplied by Romer, a company with an excellent track record of powder coating installations, these machines are built to last and include great performance features that will save you time and money.

  • Never used
  • Current models
  • Very popular size and specification
  • No lead time 
  • Loaded to your transport from Leicestershire, UK

Only £15,000 for both machines
Direct From Site Price, loaded to your suitable transport.

To buy these brand new today would be in excess of £19,000 with a lead time of 16 to 20 weeks.

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Vixen Surface Treatments FL200 Front Loading Spray Wash

Vixen FL200 Front Loading Spray Wash

Our latest Direct from Site clearance sale features the ever popular Vixen FL200 Front Loading Spray Wash

Vixen FL200 Front Loading Spray Wash phosphating machine consists of a 3 stage cycle:

  • Hot washing with a phosphate solution.
  • Hot rinsing.
  • Hot passivation solution to provide better paint and coatings adhesion properties to components. 

Key Features:

  • Available immediately
  • No extensive lead times
  • Fully operational
  • Good condition
  • Well maintained
  • Basket Ø 2000mm
  • 1000kg load capacity
  • Free Loaded to buyer's transport

** Viewing by appointment only **

Please contact Helen to view or secure on 07570 369281 // 01922 749284 (DDI) or [email protected]


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Donaldson Dalmatic Venting Unit

Donaldson Dalmatic Dust Extraction

Available for Sale Direct from site - Donaldson Dalamatic DLMV 25/12 W type Reverse Jet Filter Insertable Venting Unit Dust Collector (2 units available)

  • New and unused
  • Still in original packaging.
  • Available for immediate collection
  • No OEM lead times
  • First class Original equipment manufacturer
  • Ongoing service, spares and support available

Located in Swanley, Kent, close to M25 / M20 Junction

Contact Helen on +44(0)1922 749 284 or [email protected] to discuss and to secure



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Automatic Platinum Plating Line

Automatic, Immersion Treatments, Platinum Plating Line

Our Latest, Exciting Direct from Site Opportunity - Equipment for Platinum Plating of Turbine Blades

Comprising of:

  • Automatic Platinum Plating Line also suitable for a wide range of immersion treatments 
  • Manual Plating Line 
  • Enclosed Manual Cleaning Line (originally Atex rated)
  • Vertical Fume Scrubber

Formerly installed at the world renowned Chromalloy providing manufacturing and repair services for gas turbine engine manufacturers and operators.

  • Commissioned 2015
  • Professionally Installed but never run in production
  • Available immediately
  • Professionally decommissioned and dismantled for convenience of sale
  • Expert plating advice available for both process and re-installation 
  • Hugely flexible

Contact Helen on +44(0)1922 749 284 or [email protected] to discuss and to secure

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