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Machines & equipment for sale

Direct From Site Clearances

Schlager Drop Bottom Furnace


Schlager Industrieofenbau GmbH, Germany

A unique opportunity to acquire brand new, high quality, aerospace grade furnaces from a leading German manufacturer. Available with full OEM process and commissioning support for installation anywhere in the world.

  • Originally manufactured for a wholly owned subsidiary of AIRBUS in southern Germany
  • Step up your production immediately. Available now with no manufacturer lead time
  • High quality, 100% German manufactured, aviation and automotive grade furnaces
  • Unused, built in 2017, and passed multiple temperature uniformity surveys (TUS)
  • Worldwide installation, commissioning and support available from the OEM

* Viewing by appointment: Located in Hagen, Nr Dortmund, Germany *

Summary of equipment

  • 1 x Drop Bottom Furnace System
    Designed for Solution Annealing, Recrystallization and Stress Relief Annealing of Aluminium Parts to AMS 2750E Class 1
  • 2 x Box Furnaces
    Heat treatment to AMS 2750E Class 2
  • 1x Box Furnace
  • 1x Hood Furnace

** Individual prices NOW available **

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JCB Hydraulic Business Unit

JCB Hydraulic Bar, Hard Chrome Electroplating and Finishing Cell

Direct from Site clearance

A complete bar finishing cell representing an excellent business opportunity. 

Currently located at JCB's world leading Hydraulic Business Unit in Rocester, UK.

-- Available for sale as a whole or individual lots -- 

Pre -Treatment 

- Tocco Induction Hardener
- 2x Lidkoping Model 5 B Through Feed Centerless Grinding Machines
- Filtration Service Engineering Swarf Filtration Unit
- Loser Model 4255 8 Head Centerless Wet Belt Grinding Machine
- Hannifin "C" Frame 30T Hydraulic Bar Straightening Press

Hard Chrome Electroplating Line 

- Plasticraft 6.5m Hard Chrome Electroplating Line - Year 2004

Post Treatment

- Loeser Centreless belt grinding and bright polishing machine - year 2004
- Selection of Automatic and manual saws to cut finished bar stock to required length

** There is also a huge and valuable quantity of spares to be listed shortly **

This complete finishing cell takes raw bar stock through to hydraulic grade hard chrome plated bar for JCB's UK manufacturing facility, at a capacity to suit one of the world's leading heavy plant manufacturers. 

Representing a NEW machinery investment of circa £5 million when installed in 2004. This is a unique opportunity to grow an existing business, break into a new market, or bring production in house.

Please contact Helen on +44(0)1922 749284 to book an appointment or further information

Located in Rocester, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire UK


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WMV 'TULZ' Surface Coating Equipment plant consisting of 7 process stations

Electrolytic Plating Co Ltd

Direct from site clearance

WMV 'TULZ' Surface Coating Equipment plant consisting of 7 process stations and Caltherm conveyor delta oven

The WMV 'TULZ' plant consists of 7 stations:-  

  • Finished Processed Parts Unloading 
  • Used Basket Washing
  • Pre-Processed Parts Loading Carriage and Part Loading Chute 
  • Surface Coated Parts Dryer 
  • Surface Coated Parts Dryer 
  • Basket Into 'TULZ' Tower Transfer Arm
  • 'TULZ' Tower 

Caltherm conveyor delta oven

Caltherm 3 stage oven with flat bed dryer, preheat soak zone and cooling

  • Cooling 2000 mm wide
  • Heat zone 1 - 1800 x 6
  • Heat zone 2 - 1900 x 7
  • Heat zone 3 - 2000 x 3
  • West 6100 Temperature controller

Located in Walsall, West Midlands, UK

** Viewing by appointment only **


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Sission Lehman 3 wheel hook type Shot Blast unit


Direct from site clearance

Sisson Lehmann 3 wheel hook type Shot Blast installation with Sangre CF Reverse Pulse Cartridge Filter Dust Extractor

  • The system incorporates a bespoke 33” raised load/ unload platform from where the blast trees are loaded/ unloaded. 
  • The trees are automatically fed in and out of the blaster by the overhead chain conveyor system which also rotates the tree or work piece.
  • Hook weight 250 kg
  • The equipment was used to blast components for automotive use and is currently fully connected and operational but has not been used since January 2016. 
  • The equipment was fully refurbished in 2011, at which time the highly professional operator platform was built.

Todd SPARTAN modular paint and drying booths complete with paint mixing room.

  • Work envelope (W x D x H mm): Mixing room – 1900 x 3800 x 2250 mm
  • Drying booth 1 – 3900 x 3400 x 2500 mm
  • Spray booth – 3900 x 3400 x 2500 mm 
  • Drying booth 2 – 3900 x 3400 x 2500 mm
  • External dimensions (W x D x H mm): 14000 x 3900 x 2900 mm
  • External height of booth only. Additional height required for heating ducting – approx. 1000 mm.

Located in Birmingham, UK

** Viewing by appointment only **


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Powder Coating Booth

Powder Coating Line

 Direct from site clearance

Continuous powder coating line with pre-treatment wash and drying oven, auto and manual paint booths with cyclone powder recovery and 14 m gas fired hot air oven.

  • Installed summer 2014, track ovens and booths, with associated equipment were refurbished items and the pre-treatment was new.
  • Ovens, paint booths, filter banks and track were refurbished used equipment.
  • Degreaser tanks, enclosure, burners, pipes, pumps and fittings new on installation.


  • Continuous overhead track.
  • Pendants at 230 mm centres with full set of ‘crocks’.
  • Overall length: 7900 mm.
  • Height to underside of crocks: 2200 mm.
  • Variable speed currently set at 500 mm per minute.

Located in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK

 ** Viewing by appointment only **


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Barberan RR B4

Barberan RR B4

Direct from site clearance

** Price now reduced from £60,000 to £52,500 for quick sale **

Lacquering robot of highest performance, precision and quality. Achieve perfect results no matter how difficult the product to be lacquered is. Spraying system with Push Pull effect with precise spraying with no dead zones and exclusive conveyor steel belt cleaning system.

Barberán advantages

  • Regular spraying even in difficult zones
  • Precise spray focus
  • More precise spray impact
  • Less product loss
  • Less over spray and turbulence's due to vertical air outlet
  • Conveyor belt self-cleaning system
  • Single circuit
  • 4 spraying guns
  • Width 600 mm

Located in Liverpool, UK

** Viewing by appointment only **


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Layton Degreaser

Oaston Engineering

Direct from site clearance - Moved for the convenience of sale

** Price now reduced **

Layton Bluestream Aqueous Metal Degreasing plant.

Single chamber machine using a combination of immersion with ultrasonic, steam clean, spray and ultrasonic agitation plus vacuum drying.
Suitable for stainless steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and plastic base material.

** Provides an exceptional high standard of cleaning **

 Located in our central warehouse near Birmingham, UK

** Viewing by flexible appointment please call **


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