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Rectifiers, DC Power Supplies and Regulating Transformers

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Rectifiers & DC Power

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Having sold rectifiers since they were large units with copper, Rileys has continued to sell these machines as they have advanced into much smaller units based on electronic systems. Rectifiers are important to plating lines as they transform AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current), removing the variating ripple from the current so it's compatible with electroplating.

The modern rectifiers we now supply use semiconductors to ?filter out? the AC and only allow the DC to flow through, also known as a diode.

Regulating Tranformers

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A feature included in all rectifying is regulating transformers to further assist with the transformation of the electrical energy. Used to either lower the voltage for electroplaters or higher for anodizing.

The method of how these machines work revolves around two sets of magnetic cores, a primary and secondary, wound with conductive wire. The primary core will have an increased number of wire turns in comparison and it is the number of wire turns each core has that determines the ratio of voltage the transformer can produce.