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Process Cooling Equipment

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Air Cooled Chillers & Refrigeration

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To assist with cooling process machinery or the overall cooling of the premises, our chillers & refrigeration units cater to a range of requirements.

We frequently stock smaller/medium chillers that greatly benefit a range of processes associated with the other machinery we supply. Larger units such as liquid chillers & air blast coolers are often sited outside the factory building with an increased cooling capacity to match.

Frequently stocking top OEMs like Industrial Cooling Systems, we also stock others such as Climaveneta, H L Cooling, Hitema & Trane.

Associated Heat Exchangers & Cooling Equipment

8 Machines for sale (view all)

Chillers and coolers are known to be all quite self-contained and do not require much additional equipment to go alongside them once installed and set up. Some of the machines/equipment that can go with them offer a more supportive and backup purpose include thermal regulators and cooling towers.