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Shot Blasting Machinery & Equipment

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Suction Venturi Blast Cabinets

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One of the go-to methods for shot blasting, suction blast cabinets are suited for most applications and are considered one the most economical shot blasting methods. Practical for low production operations, light duty cleaning and occasional maintenance jobs.

The machines typically cost less in comparison to pressure fed blast cabinets, additionally not requiring as much air volume/pressure to operate. The lesser air pressure does mean that the blast nozzle can only propel lighter media but this still allows the cabinet to carry out most processes, making it still a very versatile machine.

Machines we frequently stock in our warehouse include used Guysons to new Dynamiki Blast Cabinets.

Pressure Fed Blast Cabinets

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Pressure blast cabinets generally provide higher performance than suction blasting cabinets as their overall design is more more powerful. Pressure cabinets are Aale to handle a large volume of applications from delicate finishing to aggressive blast cleaning.

Compatible with any type of media, they generally have a production rate higher than suction blast cabinets, the greater force providing a greater degree of cleaning. Their aggressive power requires them to have sturdy construction with the flexibility to replace parts like blast nozzles, cabinet linings, and window covers due to the heavy wear these components receive.

In this abrasive process, we understand the wear that can occur especially to the second-hand machinery so we stock quality OEM blast cabinets in both our used and new range. Our used machinery stock includes top brands such as Vacublast, Hodge Clemco Enviraclean, Vixen & Wheelabrator.

Aqua/Wet Blasting Cabinets

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An abrasive cleaning and finishing method that uses a wet media slurry, wet blasting features compressed air and liquid to achieve a smooth and consistent finish. Originally developed in the early fifties, the machinery for wet blasting has since advanced making it perfect for applications such as cleaning, deposit removal and surface preparation.

Available with manual, automated & robotic systems, these machines can either be manually operated with an operator controlling the spray gun directly or via a programme for the spray guns to follow.

In addition to the new range of Riley wet blasters we stock and have available for reorder, we also supply machines from OEMs such as Abrasive Developments, Vapormatt & Rosler.

Airless & Automated Blast Equipment

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Airless blast cleaning is a widespread method of cleaning casting surfaces, particularly when large volumes must be handled. The method of airless blast cleaning is based on a motor driven blast wheel rotating at high speed. These machines require a solid construction to withstand the repetitive impacts of the process, resulting in the equipment being known for its quality and durability.

The blast cabinets we stock for this type of shot blasting can come in different models made up of multiple units. For a multi-unit design, the additional units frequently include extraction systems, cyclones, dust extractors and separate control panels.

Some of the top brands of shot blasters we stock include Wheelabrator, Walther Trowal, Rosler, Tillman & Pangborn.

Associated Shot Blasting Equipment

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As shot blasting revolves around the process of shooting media, the accessories that go with these machines focus on distributing or gathering the media. From additional wheels and nozzles for shooting the media to recovery systems and conveyors to collect it for reuse.