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Dust & Fume Extraction Fans & Equipment

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Dry Dust Filters

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A critial part of operating a safe and comfortable fixture in any factory dust extraction systems are required to collect the by-product dust that is produced by processes. To manage the most common type of dust, dry dust extractors are perfect for managing the majority of dusts.

Available in two designs, the extractors we sell come with filters or cartridges to separate the dust from the air. Both with their own cleaning system to discharge the dust they collect, dry dust extractors with filters typically have a shaker cycle while cartridges would reverse pulse, the dust collecting in a hopper below.

Our warehouse stocks quality machines from trusted OEMs like Donaldson Torit, Filtex & Camfil Farr.

Wet Dust Filters

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For dust that is light, sticky or combustible, wet dust extractors are the safest and COSHH approved method for filtering. They are available in a option of three designs; cyclonic, centrifugal-type scrubbers & Venturi scrubbers. The particles of dust in these types of air are either too small, adhesive or explosive to be able to be processed in a dry dust extractor.

Cyclonic and centrifugal scrubbers process the air by directing it around the circular interior of the machines, combining it with water by spray nozzles & misters. The finer the water application at this stage the more thorough the dust extraction process. With the dust from the air wet, gravity pulls the captured dust down to the bottom of the main chamber into a sludge tank.

The quality brands we frequently stock include Carter Environmental to Climavent.

Fume Extraction Fans & Scrubbers

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Extraction of odours, chemical and hazardous fumes from processes such as chemical process lines, blow-off systems, welding, drying of inks and paint, paint booths or mist and vapour from industrial parts washers or other wet processes is critical for a safe environment.

A fume extraction system uses a fan inducing a negative draft to pull fumes and dust particles into a contained filtration system. Fans are often constructed from chemical resistant materials such as PVC/GRP and Polypropylene for situations where chemical fumes are being extracted.

Fume scrubbers act to filter and neutralise fumes. There are various ways this can be achieved depending on the fumes involved. This might be using water/liquids to absorb chemicals or passing fumes through materials like carbon filters.

Associated Dust Control Equipment

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To go with the dust extraction range we offer, additional equipment we stock can include:

  • Extraction Cabinets & Booths
  • Fettling Benches
  • Fans
  • Hoppers
  • Mist Separators
  • Spark Arrestor Boxes