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Machines & equipment for sale

Direct From Site Clearances

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Induction Melting Furnace

1000Hz Induction Melting Furnace

Ex. Demo, 1 Tonne, Tipping Induction Melting Furnace with Cooling & Spare Body

We are delighted to offer this Induction Heating Systems Limited Induction Melting Furnace at a fraction of the cost of NEW

Installed in 2017 at Morgan Advanced Ceramics, UK, for high value alloy production.

  • Suitable for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
  • Applications include: Recycling alloys, alloy manufacture, forge, foundry - production or R&D
  • Ran on trials only
  • Very few run hours
  • Fully supported by our partners IMR (Induction Melting Repair)
  • Short lead time in comparison to New build
  • New basic model £210K
  • Includes unused Spare Furnace body worth an additional £40K
  • Includes High Voltage Transformer & Air Blast Cooler
  • Associated Vibratory Feeder & Ingot Casting Machine are also available as a cell

Moved to our central, UK warehouse for the convenience of sale
Book an appointment to view. Call Helen on +44(0)1922 749284 - [email protected]

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Bauer High Pressure Compressors

Bauer High Pressure Compressors

Available immediately 2x Ex. demo, Bauer multi-stage, 340 Bar Air Compressors

Includes regenerative dryers of the SECCANT series which are used to automatically dry compressed air and non-explosive gases.
Suitable for heavy users of air and specialist sectors such as: Diving, underwater exploration.

  • As new with less than 20 hours running time.
  • Ran on trials only
  • Fully supported by OEM - Bauer Compressors
  • New build approximately 30-40 weeks 
  • New basic model £120K

Including compressor block, electric motor, switch box and control, pressure maintaining and isolation valves, automatic condensate drain, air intake filter, and oil and water separator.

Moved to our central warehouse for convenience of sale
Call Helen on +(44) 1922 74928 - [email protected] to book an appointment

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Metal Melting & Ingot Casting Facility Clearance

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Melting & Ingot Casting Facility Clearance

Heavy Duty Foundry Machinery for Low Prices – Available Now & Excellent Condition

In partnership with global engineering manufacturer Morgan Advance Materials, Riley Surface World has an exclusive clearance of a facility that was formerly used for processing copper, impregnating with carbon and casting ingots. 

  • All machinery and plants have a 2016/2017 year of manufacture and were fully commissioned. 
  • Never run in production, very few run hours
  • Fully supported by our partners IMR (Induction Melting Repair)
  • Available right now, no lead time
  • Available as a complete cell or individual machinery

Plant moved for the convenience of sale and available to view at our UK Warehouse (Aldridge, Birmingham)

Contact Helen at 01922 749 284 or [email protected] to secure or arrange a viewing today.

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Tank Five

Automatic, Immersion Treatments, Multi - Purpose Plating Line

Exciting Direct from Site Opportunity - Equipment originally designed for the Platinum Plating of Turbine Blades

Comprising of:

  • Automatic Plating Line - suitable for a wide range of immersion treatments 
  • Manual Plating Line 
  • Enclosed Manual Cleaning Line (originally Atex rated)

Formerly installed at the world renowned Chromalloy providing manufacturing and repair services for gas turbine engine manufacturers and operators.

  • Commissioned 2015
  • Professionally Installed but never run in production
  • Available immediately
  • Professionally decommissioned and dismantled for convenience of sale
  • Expert plating advice available for both process and re-installation 
  • Hugely flexible

Contact Helen on +44(0)1922 749 284 or [email protected] to discuss and to secure

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Bott Fume Scrubber

Fume Control Plant

Available Immediately Direct From Site

Process Plant & Equipment Fume Exhaust System

The extraction system includes the following major items of equipment: -

  • Fume exhaust hoods
  • Interconnecting header manifold
  • Horizontal fume scrubber
  • Exhaust fan
  • Outlet stack
  • Supporting steelwork and platform

Formerly supporting Alkaline Zinc Barrel and Rack Plating Line & Equipment at Bott Ltd, Cornwall, UK

To arrange a viewing or make an offer please contact Helen on +44 (0)1922 749284  or email [email protected]

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