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Goff USA Manufactured Model 60" Table Blast Machine

Stock No
60" TB
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Refurbished by RSW, Good Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
Ø1560 x 1575
Work Handling Method
Ø1560 x 1575
Other Info
Twin Wheel Blasting
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
3100 x 2700 x 4100
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Rotary table shot blast machines offer total flexibility in your shot blast operations, the Rotary table shot blast machine, can help reduce the production time required to achieve your goals.

The compact design of the Goff 60" TB rotary shot blast table offers the user a simple operating principle, targeted for high performance shot blasting for specific applications.

General Description

The Goff 60" table blast machine consists of a Ø60" work table constructed of 1/2" steel plate with an abrasive resistant liner.

Abrasive is fed into the two oscillating direct drive blast wheels. The blast wheels revolve at 3600 rpm throwing abrasive at the work surface with a high velocity. The work table is rotating at a speed of 4 rpm assuring exposure of all parts to the blast stream. The rotating table sweeps the abrasive to a chute where it passes through a screen before entering the primary elevator leg.

The primary elevator leg elevates the abrasive to the separator level.

The abrasive then passes through a secondary screen before entering a single stage air wash. The separator level removes contaminants from cycling abrasive and deposits the clean abrasive into the  secondary elevator leg.

The secondary elevator leg elevates the clean abrasive to the blast wheels. If the blast wheels are not ready to accept the abrasive, then the abrasive diverts back down to floor level where it is recycled through the cleaning process again.

This continuous cycle will ensure a sufficient quantity of clean abrasive available to the blast wheels at all times.

The dust and contaminants are drawn out of the separator and into the self contained dust collection system for disposal. 


  • Automotive parts remanufacturing
  • Metal surface preparation prior to painting or coating
  • Mill scale removal
  • Shot peening
  • Paint removal
  • Rust removal
  • Sand, ceramic


  • Descaling of forged or heat treated parts
  • Desanding of ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings
  • Deburring of metallic and non-metallic parts
  • Deflashing of die cast parts
  • Contaminant removal


  • 5.5kW Blast wheels 510mm (2)
  • Gravity lip separator
  • 2267kg loads
  • Abrasive tight cabinet
  • External dust collector
  • Abrasive resistant steel cabinet
  • Pitless design
  • Oscillating blast wheels
  • Safety interlocks automatic
  • Timer controls

Technical Details

Airless Blast Unit

Wheel: The direct drive blast wheel revolves at 3600 RPM for maximum abrasive velocity. 300mm diameter wheel with 8 curved blades 75mm wide as standard. Balanced wheel components assure smooth operation.

Blades: Unique snap lock design eases blade replacement. Cast from abrasive resistant alloy to insure maximum life. Curved blade design provides maximum abrasive control.

Control Cage: Dial type cage.

Wheel Housing: Fabricated from 1/4” wear resistant steel plate. Housing ends and top are lined with replaceable wear resistant liners.

Cabinet Construction

Cabinet: Pitless type, all welded structurally reinforced cabinet is fabricated from 10mm wear resistant steel plate. Opposing wall to blast wheels is 12mm wear resistant steel plate.

Work Table: Ø1560 diameter work table is constructed of 10mm steel plate with abrasive resistant liner standard. Cabinet configuration makes work table accessible by overhead hoist. Heavy duty table support bearings are completely enclosed for protection from stray abrasive.

Table Drive: Exterior mounted electric motor and gear reducer transmit power through special spring loaded rubber drive wheel. Table revolves at 4-1/2 RPM.

Work Loading Height: 665mm

Maximum Work Dimensions: 1560mm diameter or diagonal, 1320mm high

Work Load Capacity: 2267kg

Power Lock Door: Electrically controlled, pneumatically operated air cylinder provides locking action of
the door Labyrinth door seal prevents abrasive escape. Abrasive, resistant liner protects door from abrasive rebound.

Blast Unit Mounting: Unique mounting allows the blast unit to be pivoted up to 30º included angle
to assure full coverage of all parts to be cleaned. Electronically controlled with adjustable timer, the pivoting
action power is controlled by pneumatic cylinder.

Abrasive Recycling System

Screw Conveyors: Screw conveyors constructed with heavy duty 6” sectional flighting.

Elevator: Centrifugal discharge belt and bucket elevator is dust tight. Quick clamped removable cover permits service and inspection. All shaft bearings are exterior mounted for extended life. Screw adjusted take-up provide positive belt adjustment.

Screening: Primary screen in cabinet protects elevator from large objects. An optional perforated rotary screen between elevator and separator automatically removes small foreign objects from abrasive is available.

Abrasive Required: 907kg initial charge.

Abrasive Control: Fully adjustable air actuated butterfly valve provides precise flow control of abrasive. Totally enclosed design means maximum noise suppression.

Separator: Single 510mm lip separator has adjustable abrasive spreader and adjustable refuse gate for thorough air washing of abrasive provides maximum contaminate removal.

Ventilation Features 

Dust Collector: Donaldson Torit TDP450 reverse pulse cartridge extractor which is a fully self contained and matching unit. Cartridges are cleaned automatically by a reverse pulse system.Requires 90-100 PSI of air at 7.5 SCFM. 

Electrics: Nema type 12 electrical enclosure, fusible disconnect switch, thermal overload protection on all motors, 230/460 volt primary, 115 volt secondary control transformer, blast wheel motor ammeters, oil tight push buttons, digital abrasive cycle timer. Timer controls both abrasive flow and blast wheel motor. Cycle alarm signal and hour meter standard.

Safety Features

Blast wheel operational only when door is closed. Door is locked closed electrically during blast cycle. After blast wheel shutdown, adjustable time delay allows flow of abrasive to brake blast wheels to stop before door can be opened.

Noise Level: Approx. 85 DB

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.