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Pall Dewatering Filter

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Pall Fluid Conditioning Purifier HNP006
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Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition
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Pall Fluid Conditioning and De-watering Purifier.

Description of Operation

The HNP portable oil fluid conditioning purifier conditions hydraulic and lubrication fluids by removing water, particulate contamination and gases.
It is designed for a power supply as detailed on the unit nameplate, which is transformed to 24V DC for the control circuit.
The HNP006 series is a fluid purification system designed to remove the following contamination:

  • Water- 100% of free water and in excess of 80% of dissolved water.
  • Gases - 100% of free and entrained gases and in excess of 80% of dissolved gases.
  • Dirt - including silt and other solids or particulate contaminants.

Pall Fluid Conditioning Purifier 

HSP Portable Oil Purifier -  the Pall Hydraulic Spinning Disc Purifier (HSP) has been developed as a conditioner for hydraulic and lubrication oils. Removing water, dirt and air and is economical, compact, mobile and easy to use.

Model: HNP006
Machine ref: HNP006F5APHC
Serial no: PHNPM0057

Principles of Operation

The contaminated oil is passed through the purifier vessel via the nozzle. Fluid sprays outward from the nozzle and falls under gravity to the bottom of the vessel, with air and water being removed through the top of the vessel by the airflow.

Air is drawn out of the top of the vessel by the vacuum pump. In flowing through the vessel, the contaminated oil presents a large and constantly changing surface area to the dry airflow. The dry air passes over the wet oil and moisture is transferred from the oil into the airflow.

The dry air is obtained by producing a vacuum inside the purifier vessel When ambient air is drawn into the side of the vessel through the vacuum adjustment valve, it expands to approximately three times its former volume (based upon factory vacuum setting of -0.7 bar g / 20.7 in Hg). The amount of water in grams in the air does not change. With the volume having been increased by 3 times, it now has a much lower percentage of water; the air has effectively been dried. The vessel vacuum also expands any dissolved gas within the oil. The gases and water vapour are then discharged into the atmosphere via the vacuum pump.

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