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Hedinair Large Capacity 225°C Air Circulated Electric Oven

Used / Second Hand

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From a working environment, Good Condition
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From a working environment, Good Condition
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
1840 x 1840 x 1820
Max Temp
225°C / 35.5kW
Other Info
Rear ATEX Explosion Relief Panels
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2360 x 2240 x 2440
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This Hedinair M55 industrial batch oven is suitable for almost any application from simple drying processes to exacting metal treatments.

Hedinair have long been establish as one of the premier oven manufactures in the market today. This oven making an excellent addition for any company processing larger batches or singular items in a production environment.

A heavy duty Hedinair industrial box oven featuring the following:

  • Eurotherm P2416 PID digital proportional controller.
  • Eurotherm P116 overtemperature controller.
  • Roof mounted air circulation fan for even hot air distribution within the heating chamber during processing.
  • Powered extraction vent for the removal of volatile atmospheres.
  • Twin explosion relief panels fitted to the rear of the oven.
  • Robustly constructed twin locking doors. 
  • Vertical air flow pattern. 
  • Steel flat floor for ease of loading.

Alternatively suited to any low temperature thermal treatments such as:

  • Stress relieving.
  • De-embrittling and tempering.
  • Pre-heating of ferrous/non ferrous/plastics/wood/glass substrates etc.
  • Curing/stoving suitable coatings.

Electrical Details

  • 380/415v.
  • 3ph + N.
  • 50Hz.
  • 50.75Amps.
  • Heater load 35.5kW


  • Eurotherm 2416 fitted.
  • Eurother P116 inside control panel.
  • Manual or auto operation.

Common Heat Treatments That Use Industrial Ovens & Furnaces

Heat treatment is a controlled process of heating and cooling materials in order to improve its properties, performance, and strength typically made up of three main steps. Firstly heating the metal to a specific temperature, soaking or maintaining the specific temperature for a certain amount of time, and cooling to a suitable rate following prescribed methods.

There are seven main techniques used for the heat treatment of materials, and all affect material in different way. These techniques are:

  1. Normalising
  2. Annealing
  3. Tempering
  4. Hardening
  5. Ageing
  6. Stress Relieving
  7. Carburisation

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