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MecWash Midi 400 Aqueous Ultrasonic Precision Parts Washer

Used / Second Hand

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Arriving in stock soon, available for purchase now.
From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition, Current Model
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Midi 400
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
400 x 800 x 400
Process Stages
11 stages inc ultrasonics
Other Info
Full OEM service Allen Brad’ Panel View
Arriving in our warehouse soon
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
3200 x 1800 x 2850
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This high precision with twin immersion ultrasonic stage Mecwash Midi 400 includes an extra deep working chamber (400mm wide, 400mm high and 800mm deep). Coming to Rileys from the aerospace industry, this part washer has been fully maintained and serviced by the OEM every year since installed.

Additional highlights of this opportunity include:

  • Includes water saving Aquasave features
  • Would be £150,000+ today on a 22 week build time
  • OEM quoted to service, descale and provide a full spares package

Currently priced to sell directly from it's former home for a short period. The price will increase when we move the machine to our warehouse. Therefore this represents an incredible opportunity to secure an excellent machine, at an excellent price, right now.

Machine Summary

Mecwash Midi 400 twin immersion tanks ultrasonic wash and rinse spray rinse, hot air dry, vacuum drying and variable speed work basket rotation and water saving Aqua-save


  • Wash tank capacity - 850 litre
  • Rinse tank capacity - 650 litre
  • Wash Chamber (WxHxL) - 400mm x 400mm x 800mm
  • Max wash charge weight - 100kg
  • Basket Rotation/Oscillation Speed - 3-15 rpm
  • Oscillation and stationary wash options.
  • 2 off ultrasonic tubular transducers & generators.
  • Wash mesh strainer basket.
  • Wash in-line cartridge filter (with 30um cartridges).
  • Re-circulating heated spray / flood wash.
  • Re-circulating heated spray / flood rinse.
  • Rinse mesh strainer basket - 500 um mesh.
  • Rinse in-line cartridge filter - 30um cartridges.
  • Mist spray rinse, draining into wash.
  • Automatic chemical dosing unit.
  • Wash MW1 oil separator.
  • High velocity hot air & vacuum dry.
  • Meter & alarm.
  • Aqua-save junior wash & rinse water recycling system.
  • Filtermist steam extraction/condensation unit.
  • 2 off exchange demineralised water cylinders.
  • Roller conveyor (width & lengh) - 600mm x 2000mm
  • Integral drip tray, guide rails & end stops.
  • Allen Bradley controller with panel view plus 600.
  • Busch R5 oil-lubricated rotary vacuum pump.
  • TCM water quality monitor & loss rinse pump.

Former Radius Aerospace

This plant is one of several machines acquired during Radius Aerospace's reorganisation of their manufacturing facility at Shrewsbury, UK.
Their worldwide reputation for quality is reflected in the machinery and maintenance of their manufacturing plant.
Many of these machines include features that are necessary for the manufacture of aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines,
but can provide a benefit to any industry.


Technical Description

Precision Parts Washing & Multi Drying System

The Midi provides the ultimate flexible aqueous component cleaning with ultrasonics & degreasing systems. The systems high flow washing, rinsing, and vacuum drying to provide the highest quality of component cleaning and drying available, including oscillation and stationary wash options.

The rinse stage can also be rotational, re-circulated, heated, spray or flood and can be used to apply a longer term corrosion inhibitor for ferrous components or conversion coatings for surface preparation prior to plating or painting.

There are automatic chemical dosing pumps for the wash stage and for the rinse stage

The Midi machines are also perfect vehicles for the most complex shapes, with blind holes, oil & fuel ways and internal galleries. Designed to process complex and intricate machined or pressed parts that require very high standards of cleanliness, surface finish and dryness, while including the removal of all types of contamination from soluble and mineral oils to greases, polishing compounds, lapping pastes and dye penetrants.

The Aqueous Cleaning Process

These machines are designed to accommodate standard baskets and containers or individually tailored fixtures. The versatility of our aqueous cleaning process gives you total flexibility to address various components in one machine.

The MecWash process combines rotating or the gentle rocking of components held securely in baskets, fixtures or plastic containers about the horizontal axis and subjecting them to a high volume spray or flood process producing a powerful washing action that fully penetrates the workload.

  1. Ultrasonic flood wash
  2. Flood wash (re-circulating)
  3. Spray wash (re-circulating)
  4. Rear wash (through lance for internal jetting only)
  5. Wash drain (and air purge)
  6. Ultrasonic flood rinse (re-circulating)
  7. Spray rinse (re-circulating)
  8. Total loss rinse (spray only)
  9. Rinse drain (and air purge)
  10. Hot air dry
  11. Vacuum

Mechwash Technology Includes:

Variable speed oscillation and continuous rotation (3-15rpm) of the workload ensures all component surfaces, including blind holes and drillings, are given a constant ‘flushing’ action to remove contamination.

Ultrasonic cleaning provides the very high frequency vibration required to dislodge even the smallest and most unmovable of debris off the parts being cleaned - 2 off ultrasonic tubular transducers and generators.

Re-Circulating heated spray/flood wash & re-circulating heated spray/flood rinse.

Variable speed oscillation and rotation during drying also eliminates the risk of solution traps in component recesses that may lead to corrosion and staining.

Dedicated jetting through a rotary coupling allows specific areas of the component such as blind holes, oil ways and water jackets to be continually flushed at close quarters throughout the component rotation.

A combination of hot air and vacuum drying ensures moisture is removed from all component surfaces including small blind holes, internal galleries and mating faces.

Wash in-line cartridge filtration of 15 to 30 µm mesh located between the pump and workload maintains clean wash. There is also an in-line cartridge filtration of 15-30 µm mesh filtration for the rinse solution and eliminates the risk of removed soils re-contaminating cleaned components.

Mesh strainer basket between the wash chamber and solution tanks prevents metal swarf and other debris building up in the tanks. Additional swarf tank or swarf conveyors can be used if required. Strainer is 500µm mesh.

Washing and rinsing auto chemical dosing to maintain the chemical concentrations upon auto refill.

Filtermist steam extraction / condensation fan, for the removal and recovery of the fumes from the chambers work area. 

There is also an MW1 Oil separator.

High velocity hot air and vacuum dry.

Benefits of the Midi Parts Washer

  • Satisfies the high demands of the aerospace, automotive, defense, petrochemical, medical, and other precision industries.
  • Highly durable specification, combines precision cleaning with 24 x 7 dependability.
  • Numerous tailored options to fit the customer's exact cleaning demands and automation requirements.
  • Over 500 systems supplied to blue chip automotive and aerospace engineering companies around the world.

Mecwash Aqua-Save Water Recycling

The MecWash Aqua-Save wash water and rinse water recycling system that is built into this machine can sustain pristine wash and rinse quality and greatly reduce the need for water changes and hence effluent disposal.

The Aqua-Save maintains optimum process performance, reduces downtime and satisfies environmental demands for recycling and waste reduction.


  • Up to 95% reduction in disposal costs
  • Range recycles 15 to 50 litres per hour
  • Wash water, waste coolants & general waste water all treated
  • ECA allowance eligible

Additional Specifications

  • Overall machine size (w x d x h) -  2750mm x 1650mm x 2250mm
  • Machine unladen weight - 3500kg
  • Maximum load weight - 200kg
  • Noise level - 75 dBA
  • Max temp - 80°C
  • Electrical supply - 400v / 50Hz / 100A

Original purchase price in excess of £110,000 (As Per Original Quotation)

pdf icon Print / Download MecWash Midi 400 Aqueous Ultrasonic Precision Parts Washer Datasheet

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.