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ESTA GmbH Esta ATEX Rated NA-K 6000 Wet Dust Scrubber / Extractor

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From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Stock No
ATEX NA-K 6000 B
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
3,020CFM // 5,150M3/Hr @ 3600 Pa
Filter Area ft² / m²
Wet Scrubber Dust Control ATEX Compliant
Other Info
7.5kW, 390Litre Water Capacity
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
950 x 950 x 3,460mm
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ESTA is a German Manufacturing company that produces a range of extraction machines covering a wide range of applications. Their wet collectors manufactured to handle with the heavy burden of flammable dusts and are built to last. This multi-stage filtration extractor suitable for grinding, fettling, linishing, polishing and trimming applications.

'With all devices of the NA-K series, a radial fan is employed that generates the volume flow and the negative pressure needed for extraction. The dusty air exhausted from the processing machine is guided through a pipeline or a suitable conductive or dissipative hose connection to the device’s intake port. This intake port leads directly into a specially shaped whirl chamber. The lower part of the whirl chamber is covered with water. The extracted air flows through this chamber at high speed and is swirled up intensively with the water. The dust carried with the air stream is wetted and transformed to a watery slurry. The water-bound dust sinks as sludge into the flange-mounted sludge pail. For easier disposal and maintenance, there are two drain spigots on the sludge pail. If the water level is too high, these can be used to drain some of the water. The drained water must be captured with a suitable container and disposed of according to local regulations. Two capacitive sensors automatically control the water level and make sure that there is always enough water in the device. For this, the sensors detect the minimum and maximum water level. The device is automatically filled with water through an inlet valve to be attached to the on-site water connection, until the maximum water level has been reached. A demister is located between the fan and the whirl chamber. It separates swirled up water drops that still exist in it, from the through-flowing air. The mud contained in the dust slurry sinks down and settles in the mud bucket that has been flanged to the bottom of the device.'

Typical applications include any dust laden air-stream that may carry sparks such as from grinding and fettling operations and where the type of dusts may be governed under the ATEX regulations whereby explosive dust are generated within such operations or processes as shot blasting and machining of aluminium, magnesium or any other white metal components.

The wet dust exhaust units are renowned for their robustness, as unlike many other units, there are no moving parts filters or sprays to contend with. This allows them to maintain their original suction rates, even under the most arduous of conditions.

Including in the design are a self contained silencer, water make up box, 7.5kW fan and fan starter, duct Inlet of Ø280mm

All wetted parts are made in stainless steel.

Application Range:

  • Extraction of aluminium dust.
  • Dust extraction at individual or multiple workstations of adhesive and moistly dusts, especially metallic dusts that are sparks generating.
  • As central exhaust station with intercepting pipe and several extraction points Your benefits at a glance. 
  • High suction power for adhesive and moistly dusts Ideal solution for sparks generating applications. 
  • High filtration efficiency (ESTA efficiency guarantee).
  • Especially recommended for grinding applications that are generating sparks.

What is Wet Dust Extraction

For light, sticky or combustible dust, wet dust extractors are the safest and COSHH approved method for filtering. By applying water to air via various types of wet dust extracting methods, the dampened dust is separated by gravity, removing it from the air. 

The safety factor of wet extraction that makes it suitable for explosive dusts is by wetting the dust, the water acts as a coating between the dust and oxygen in the air, preventing the dust from potentially igniting.

What Makes Wet Extraction Systems Specialised?

For dust that is light, sticky or combustible, wet dust extractors are the safest and COSHH approved method for filtering. The particles of dust in these types of air are either too small, adhesive or explosive to be able to be processed in a dry dust extractor.

The extractors finely apply water to the dust for a more thorough result, the weight of the water able to separate the dust from the air.

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