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Gema Auto Reciprocating Roll-On/Roll-Off Powder Coating Booth

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From a working environment, Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition, Current Model
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Gema Reciprocating Automatic Powder Coating Booth includes:

  • ZA06 Reciprocator
  • OptiGun 2-A(X) Automatic powder gun
  • OptiFeed PP06 powder pump
  • OptiFlex A1 Control system (AS03 type)
  • OptiStar CG06 Automatic gun control unit
  • OptiMove CR06 Axes control unit
  • Powder Hopper HF02-100/150/200

Photos and Videos were taken on site at Hydro Components, Gloucester, UK in Autumn 2023. This plant has been professional disconnected and moved for viewing to Riley Surface World's facility.

Plant Specification

OptiGun 2-A(X) Automatic Powder Gun - Overview

The extremely light OptiGun 2-A(X) Automatic powder gun with integrated high voltage generation offers you optimal penetrating ability and high charging. The vented central electrode allows a high, constant transfer efficiency and a high coating efficiency by symmetrical coating structure.

The OptiGun 2-A(X) Automatic powder gun is intended exclusively for the electrostatic coating with organic powders. Any other use is considered non-conform. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting from this; the risk for this is assumed by the user alone.

Typical Characteristics

The OptiGun 2-A(X) Automatic powder gun can be easily dismantled and is therefore maintenance and repair-friendly.

  • Continuous, tightly sealed gun body with separate channels for cascade and rinsing air
  • Continuous guided powder tube, self-sealing
  • Quickly dismantlable SuperCorona ring
  • Powder tube coupling with quick-release fastener
  • Covered hose and cable ducting
  • Excellent access to the connections due to snap lock
  • Simple conversion to a quick colour change gun (powder tube and gun fixture tube)
  • Same nozzles and extensions as EasySelect manual gun
  • Easily dismantlable by a few hand movements, therefore very easy to service
  • Few wear parts (powder tube, nozzle and SuperCorona)
  • Self-sealing powder tube (housing tube seat)
  • Easily removable cascade because free of grease, with integrated current limiting resistors
  • Spring loaded contact between cascade and contact pin

ZA06 Reciprocator

The ZA06 Reciprocator (moving axis) was designed for automatic coating with powder guns. The reciprocator carriage oscillates vertically on the column. The movement sequences (stroke and stroke speed) are controlled by the reciprocator control unit.

Special Characteristics

The ZA06 Reciprocator is conspicuous because of its rugged construction, a new drive system and an improved Z-axis carriage design.

Further characteristics:

  • 50 kg load capacity for automatic gun and gun holders
  • Built-in holding brake
  • Quiet running
  • High speed, maximum acceleration and braking action
  • Safe operation and simple maintenance
  • High efficiency due to low energy consumption
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Mobile version available
  • IP54 protection type
  • 4 standard stroke heights available: 1.3m/1.8m/2.3m/2.8m
  • Intermediate and larger sizes available in steps of 250mm

OptiFeed PP06 Powder Pump

The OptiFeed PP06 Powder pump is intended for conveying coating powder (also enamel powder). Any other use is considered non-compliant. The manufacturer shall not be liable for damage resulting from such use; the user bears sole responsibility for such actions.

The OptiFeed PP06 Powder pump is suitable both for conveying fresh powder to automatic coating equipment and for general conveying of coating powders from powder hoppers.


The OptiFeed PP06 type power pump is designed to gently transport large quantities of powder, even over relatively large distances.


  • Gentle conveyance of coating powders


  • Powder hose emptying - prevents unintentional clogging
  • Powder hose rinsing (two different programs) and filter element cleaning - make the colour change process more effective


  • Reception and processing of signals by the higher-level control (a PLC, for example)
  • Processing of signals from a level sensor
  • Control of a single-phase vibration motor (with the external power supply unit only)
  • Maintenance interval monitoring - indicates upcoming maintenance
  • Keyboard lock - prevents an unintentional manual intervention.
  • Fluidization connection
  • Connection for electric conveyance pressure monitoring
  • Cyclical conveyance

OptiFlex A1 Control System (AS03 Type)

The OptiFlex A1 Control system was specially designed to meet the requirements of production, and also the custom electrostatic coating requirements.

The flexible, modular structure of the OptiFlex A1 is readily adaptable to any modifications in the installation.

OptiFlex A1 Control System - Components

OptiFlex A1 Control Cabinet




- Equipment main switch

- Key switch for switching on/off the guns

- Interlocks on the mounting plate

- Max. 12 places for gun or axes control units

- Pneumatic functions by OptiAir CA04 or CA05

- Option: connectable LM02 Level sensor

OptiStar CG06 Gun Control Unit




- OptiStar CG06 standard gun control unit

- Max. 250 stored programs possible

- DVC (Digital Valve Control)

OptiMove CR06 Axes Control Unit




- Axes control unit for ZA04 Reciprocator

- Pendulum operating mode or sequence programs

- Max. 250 stored programs possible

OptiAir CA04 Pneumatic Unit




- Air distribution for OptiFlex A1 and gun control units

OptiAir CA05 Pneumatic-fluidizing Unit




- Air distribution for OptiFlex A1 and gun control units

- Airmover control unit

- Fluidization in the powder hopper

-  Manual pre-fluidization

Level Sensor LM02




 - Level detection in the powder hopper

 OptiStar CG06 Automatic Gun Control Unit

 The OptiStar CG06 Automatic gun control unit is designed exclusively for controlling the Gema powder coating guns.

Typical Characteristics

  • The OptiStar CG06 Automatic gun control unit is used for automatic electrostatic powder coating equipment.
  • The OptiStar CG06 Automatic gun control unit allows the configuration of process parameters (air settings, high voltage settings), system parameters, process data, status information and the powder hose correction values. All air volumes can be controlled centrally by the unit.
  • The handling is simple and self-explanatory. The coating personnel can save individual settings, based on previous settings, in 250 different programs.
  • All settings for efficient powder coating are simple to operate and repeatable. The control unit electronics permit the exact amount of powder delivery and the adjusted values can be read on the digital displays.
  • Optional bus connections by CAN bus and DigitalBus allow a simple, super coordinated control.
  • A shaping air option is available, in combination with a flow control for all four air types.
  • The OptiStar CG06 unit can be connected to all mains volt- ages between 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, single phase.

Basic Functions

  • Intuitive operation
  • Setting and display of the values on two levels
  • Saving/recalling of process parameters in the form of programs
  • Remote control option on the manual powder gun 

Additional Functions

  • Spray current regulation with high voltage limitation
  • Control of the air volumes
  • Status indications and error diagnosis
  • Several input air pressures are definable with parameterization
  • Flow control for total air (conveying air plus supplementary air), electrode rinsing air and shaping air (optional)
  • Bus connections by CAN bus or DigitalBus (optional)

OptiStar CG06 Functions - Overview

Setting Possibilities

Setting possibilities for powder rate, total air, spray current, high voltage, electrode rinsing air and shaping air (option)

Correction Values

Correction values for powder offset, powder hose correction value and daily correction values.

Request Values

Request values for software version and trigger hours counter.


Keyboard lock, Preset mode, 250 programs, error display and remote control on manual gun.

OptiMove CR06 Axes Control Unit

The OptiMove CR06 Axes control unit is designed exclusively for operating electrically driven reciprocators/axes in electrostatic powder coating plants.

The OptiMove CR06 Axes control unit is used in axis control systems. A complete axis control system consists of an OptiMove control unit, a frequency converter and a reciprocator with AC motor. The frequency converter receives the supply voltage and control signal directly from the OptiMove Axes control unit.

The OptiMove CR06 Axes control unit, which contains the regulation, visualization and input unit, is responsible for the exact positioning adjustment of the carriage by evaluating the signal from the reciprocator incremental pulse generator in the reciprocator.

The drive motor is equipped with an electrical holding brake. When the axis control unit holds an axis position (axis standstill), the holding brake will be activated and the frequency transformer released with a time delay (motor without current).

Powder Hopper HF02-100/150/200

The HF02 Powder Hopper contains the powder used for coating and the recovered powder. The injectors for the powder feed and the level sensor for the monitoring of the powder level are attached to the cover of the powder container.

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.