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Bauer Kompressoren High Pressure 340 Bar Multi-Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor

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Bauer High Pressure Compressors
Excellent Condition, Ex demonstration, Current Model
Stock No
Bauer Kompressoren
l 28.0-75-l
Year of Manufacture
05 16 03
Excellent Condition, Ex demonstration, Current Model
260CFM // 75kW
Compressor Type
Multi-stage continous-duty reciprocating
Other Info
C/W Acoustic room (4400 x 2850 x 2250mm)
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2650 x 1300 x 1600mm
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Bauer Multi-stage, very high Pressure 340 Bar Air Compressor

As new with less than 20 hours running time. Including compressor block, electric motor, switch box and control, pressure maintaining and isolation valves, automatic condensate drain, air intake filter, and oil and water separator. The compressor has a fully acoustic, soundproof room to house it in.

NEW 2023 equivalent approx. £120,000.00


  • 200mm thick wall soundproof acoustic room.
  • Multi-stage.
  • Air-cooled.
  • Pressure lubricated.
  • Continuous-duty rated reciprocating compressor.
  • Electric motor (TEFC) with v-belt drive, belt guard and belt tensioning device.
  • Automatic condensate drain with condensate collector Collector includes switch for high condensate level. 
  • Automatic operation with PLC controller - Including operator keypad and text display for operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. 
  • Hour meter and temperature sensor.
  • Pressure sensors for oil pressure and final pressure.
  • Emergency stop push button and audible alarm. 
  • Ambient temperature range 5°C to 45°C. 
  • Regenerative driers.
  • 350Bar max Pressure.
  • Volume flow 3.5m³/min (124CFM)

Seccant Dryers - NEW 2023 equivalent more than £20,000.00

The regenerative dryers of the SECCANT series are used to automatically dry compressed air and non-explosive gases.
A significant feature of this type of dryer is the simultaneous occurrence of the drying phase and regeneration phase during one operation. i.e. as one filter dries the compressed medium, the other is being regenerated. This ensures continuous and effective operation.

  • Dryers provide dry and oil free air.
  • Standard of Air required for breathing apparatus is EN12021
  • Our dryers can be upgraded to produce this quality of Air. Approx. £400
  • Filters are good for 2000 hours.
  • First two Tanks remove moisture, third Tank removes oil and fourth Tank contains Carbon Monoxide removing Carbon.
  • Safety feature – there is a water funnel separator on both the Compressor and the dryer that acts as safety feature suitable for 340 bar.

The use of a dedicated control system as standard makes the SECCANT series independent of the compressor control system. All that is required is a start/stop signal from the compressor control.
The B-CONTROL dryer control used also supports the transfer of additional data to the compressor control or other monitoring equipment via bus cable.

Continuous drying

Continuous drying
The two dryer chambers work in parallel: one dryer chamber is operated in drying mode, the second is operated in regeneration mode. Automatic switch-over between the modes is controlled via the control. This ensures a constant supply of treated medium.

Pressure retention check valve

Pressure retention valve
Equipping the SECCANT regeneration dryer with a compatible pressure retention valve safeguards the minimum pressure in the filter housings. Setting a minimum pressure prevents the maximum flow speed in the filter housing being exceeded. Contact time between medium and processing equipment is thus assured right from the outset.

 Manuals and Drawings attached.


  • Compressor dimensions: 2650 x 1300 x 1600mm
  • External dimensions: 440mm x 2850mm x 2250mm (5800mm to top of duct /stack) 
  • Internal dimensions: 3300mm x 2400mm x 2000mm
  • Number of holding tanks inside housing: 16
  • Hold tank dimensions: 2600mm x 1200mm x 2750mm 
  • Number of dryers: 2 
  • Dryer dimensions: 1500mm x 300mm x 1400mm

Associated equipment also available (Optional Extras. £ on application)

  • HIT Valves
  • Acoustic Enclosure
  • Rack of Air Storage Tanks  - Very high pressure - 300 bar


Auma Acutator and Valve Combination System

6 off 'Hit Valve' ball valves from the Italian manufacturers, coupled with the 'Auma' variable operating time actuators. This set up can be used to control the flow of gases or liquids through any arrangement of pipework.

 Hit Valve A

  • Serial No 1700291 
  • NPS2
  • Actuator - Auma SQEX 07.2 

 Hit Valve B

  • Serial No 1700290 
  • NPS 2
  • Actuator - Auma 

 Hit Valve C

  • Serial No 1700286 
  • NPS 4
  • Actuator - Auma  

 Hit Valve D

  • Serial No 1700285 
  • NPS 4
  • Actuator - Auma 

 Hit Valve E

  • Serial No 1700204 
  • NPS 4
  • Actuator - Auma  

Hit Valve F

  • Serial No 1700207 
  • NPS 4
  • Actuator - Auma 

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Additional files

Dimensional Drawing

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.