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Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS) Compact and Efficient Thermal Regulator

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Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS)
I-Temp Wi 150
Year of Manufacture
Excellent Condition, Unused
Ave. cooling capacity
200 kw
Ave. Water Flow Rate
200 l/min
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
750 x 1800 x 1400
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In like new condition, the i-Temp CI 150T cooling unit incorporates the latest thermal technology, offering maximum efficiency levels to reduce run cycles and save energy costs.

Features & Benefits

Complete Reliability

All i-Temp components are selected with reliability and performance in mind. The i-Temp CI 150T is an indirect cooling unit compact in design with universal BSP connections to enable fast start up.

The i-Temp CI 150T offers reliable water heating within an open circuit to temperatures up to 140ºC. System temperature is automatically managed (PID) with an internal sensor which monitors and adjusts temperatures to the set parameters.

Supporting its reliability, each unit is individually tested to ensure optimal operation.

Energy Efficiency

The i-Temp CI 150T operates as a mobile temperature control solution, its compact design enables the unit to be positioned close to the process while individual temperature adjustments can easily be managed within the unit for an individual tool requirement reducing the need for extension pipework and loss of heat exchange.

The units incorporate the latest in thermal technology to offer maximum efficiency levels, reducing run cycles and saving energy costs.

C8 Advanced Controller

The i-Temp CI 150T features an advanced C8 touchscreen controller as standard. The controller offers all features within the basic controller with the added benefits of a user friendly full colour graphical display with language selection, ramp programming and recipe storage, as well as a 7 day timer and linking capabilities to manage multiple units from a single display screen.

The C8 advanced controller offers full diagnostics and reporting on alarms, flow monitoring and return temperatures.

Bi-directional mimic control is standard with the onboard Ethernet port.


At all manufacturing and product testing stages, the i-Temp CI 150T offers advanced safety features including tolerance monitoring, dry running protection, temperature limits to prevent overheating, audible alarm and triple safety shutdown.

These features provide complete operating safety and peace of mind for the process and unit operators.

Quality Guaranteed

The i-Temp CI 150T corresponds to the EMV guidelines 2004/108/EC, machinery directives 2006/42/EC, pressure equipment directives 97/23 EC and complies with AD 2000.

Supplied Complete With:

  • 72kW Heating (6, 9, 18 and 27kW optional).
  • Indirect cooled (max 250kW).
  • Standard pump.
  • High heating capacity
  • 400V-3Ph-50Hz.
  • No rotating mechanical pump seal.
  • Non-ferrous internal parts.
  • Solid state heating.
  • Primary diagnostic control.
  • Return temperature indication.
  • Flow meter (non-contact).
  • Large internal tank.
  • Fully CE compliant.
  • C8 advanced controller.
  • Compact packaged unit with powder coated finish with heavy duty castors.
  • Fully comprehensive service and parts support available world wide Included optional extras.
  • Anti-siphon kit - locks functions leak stopper & mould drain.

Technical Specification I-Temp CI 150T36


  • Heating capacity: 72 kW
  • Heating control: Continuous via solid state semi-conductor relay
  • Design: Resistance heater
  • Execution: Electrical


  • Cooling capacity at 15ºC cooling water 130ºC circulation medium: 200 kW 
  • Cooling water pressure: 3-4  bar
  • Design: Plate heat exchanger and solenoid valve/motorised valve
  • Execution: Indirect

Operating Medium

  • Max temperature: 140⁰C
  • Medium temperature: 130⁰C
  • Cooling water temperature: 15⁰C
  • Expansion tank: 6/10/12 L
  • Circulation cooling and top up medium: Water
  • Required water quality: pH value 7.5 – 8.5
  • Max water hardness: 1.5 mol/m³

Operating Pump

  • Design: Centrifugal pump 
  • Max flow rate: 200  l/min
  • Max delivery pressure: 5.1 bar
  • Power connection: 2.8 kW

Electrical Data

  • Operating voltage: 400/3/50 without N V/Ph./Hz
  • Control voltage: 24DC v/cycl
  • Ingress protection rating: IP54
  • Noise level (LpA1m) DIN 45635T1:  <567 dB(A)

Dimensional Data

  • Length: 955mm
  • Width: 1320mm
  • Height: 1280mm
  • Operating weight (portable on castors): 120kg


  • Side panels: RAL 3020 red
  • Housing: RAL 7035 light grey
  • Lettering: Symbols

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.