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Lenton Furnaces Lenton General Purpose 1200°C Benchtop Furnace

Stock No
Lenton Furnaces
GP 26/1200 single phase Furnace.
Year of Manufacture
09 1998
Excellent Condition, Seen powered at RSW
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
300 x 440 x 200
Max Temp
1200°C // 5.6kW
Other Info
Swing Lift Vertical Door
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
710 x 750 x 860
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A world leading oven manufacturer, this Lenton 240 Volt laboratory chamber furnace is perfect for rapid heating up to 1200°C, controlled by a Eurotherm 808 controller. Suitable for a floor, stand or workbench location with its single swing lift up opening door.


  • If the furnace is to be used for heating materials which produce smoke or fumes, the chimney must be correctly fitted and unobstructed. Otherwise, soot will accumulate in the chamber and between the layers of insulation, causing an electrical breakdown of the heating elements. Furnaces used for this kind of application must be heated regularly up to maximum temperature and held for one hour to burn away the soot.

Corrosive Materials 

  • Materials such as case hardening compounds and other reactive salts readily penetrate the ceramic lining of the furnace chamber and attack the wire elements, causing premature failure. When such materials are being used, the furnace must be protected by a hearth plate or tray, preferably made from material such as Inconel.
  • Non-metallic hearth plates reduce the heat transmission from the bottom of the furnace and increase the element temperature in this area. This may result in premature element failure, particularly if the furnace is working near to maximum temperature. Under these circumstances, it is recommended that the temperature be raised slowly over the last 300°C, allowing approximately 10 minutes to soak at 100°C intervals.

Technical Data

  • Model: GP 26/1200 240V.
  • Maximum temperature: 1200°C.
  • Maximum power rating  5.6kW
  • 24 Amps.
  • Chamber 300mm x 440mm x 200mm (26 Litres).
  • Eurotherm temperature Controller 808.
  • Overtemperature Eurotherm 92 controller.

Seen working at RSW 10/05/2023

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