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Dr Ing Goessling Z1 Continuous Centrifuge Unit

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Dr Ing Goessling
8 kg
Heated centrifugal dryer / de-oiler
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Automatic continuous feed.
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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1060 x 780 x 1100
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Z1 De-Oiling Centrifuge/Washer

Goessling de-oiling centrifuges/washers were developed for the cleaning of massed produced formed parts. This is accomplished through smoothly accelerated centrifugal force with stop and start cycles, which aids the centrifugal process to produce a clean, de-oiled part.

During the centrifugal cleaning of the parts, the residual oil/lubricant is discharged via a tube located inside the centrifuge. This eliminates the handling of oil as a hazardous waste, not to mention the problems produced in the recycling of washing solutions from cleaning-washing-machines.

For drying applications the unit is equipped with a hot air injection system which allows parts from washing plants to be effectively dried whilst the wash solution is being spun off. 

The De-Oiling Centrifuges can easily handle the smallest of electronic screws to the largest of bolts, nuts and other wire-headed parts.

The inline-interlinking cells of high duty cold forming machines today demands the cleaning of the mass parts during operation. The compact size of the de-oiling centrifuges allow this interlinking by economically sitting alongside the process machinery.

Even in the machining production sector, the centrifuges can be used to clean mass parts even of complex geometries by the use of smoothly accelerated starts, and special stop and go cycles. The centrifugal forces produces a clean de-oiled parts surface which is ready to discharge into secondary operations such as vibratory bowls, presses and other orientating devices for continuous mass production.

The type-Z centrifuges have perforated steel drums which are centered on heavy duty ball bearings and driven by a special 3 phase electric centrifuge motor and a multiple V-belt drive. The acceleration and stopping is smoothly performed by an electric frequency control set.

All mass produced parts can be continuously fed into the centrifuge. Parts are loaded and collected into a charging hopper unit which sits on the top of the centrifuge. Once the spin cycle has been completed and the processed parts discharged, the feed unit opens to automatically load the next batch.

The centrifugal and discharging cycles run automatically and continuously. During the centrifugal operation, the complete drive and support frame are  electrically clamped and locked in place. Once the spin cycle is complete the centrifuges drum discharges completely by tilting over to unload the parts to the discharge chute for collection or transfer to secondary operations.

The unit can is clean and quiet and operates little noise or vibration even with unbalanced loads unbalanced loads due to the use of large rubber buffers with low resonance frequency, so almost all inside vibrations will be eliminated.

The cycles operating times are controlled by the internal Siemens PLC. The Siemens PLC also sets the charging and discharging positions which are communicated to the Siemens PLC by initiator sensors. The lubricants or solutions are discharged through a plastic tube located the side of the centrifuge. 

To feed, load and discharge from the machine, it is typical to use such items as vibratory feed conveyors or flighted conveyor loaders, all of which can be found on our website. 

Technical specifications and parameters

  • Max charge weight 8 kg 
  • Max part length 100 mm
  • Max single part weight 60 grams
  • Spin times in seconds min - max (recommended) 60 - 300 
  • Total spin time in seconds min - max (spin time + 20 seconds) 80 - 320 
  • Max output in kg/h (with a 200 sec total spin time) 150 
  • Discharge height from exit chute 200 mm  
  • Power 1.7 kW


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