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Lenze EVF 8226 75 kW Motor Frequency Inverter

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EVF 8226
Excellent Condition, Seen powered at RSW
75 kW
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Inverter Motor control
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Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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450 x 300 x 680
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Lenze EVF 8226 75 kW Motor Frequency Inverter

Application intelligence is the feature which sets the Global Drive controller apart. When used in machines, it offers designers enormous potential for reducing costs.

Starting with the Global Drive 8200 frequency inverters for use in standard applications or HVAC and pump drives, frequently used additional automation features (e.g. PID controller) have been integrated into the device.

A complete programme

  • Frequency inverters for three phase mains connection
  • Line-side and motor-side accessories
  • Accessories for braking
  • Accessories for networking with host system
  • Device variants for special applications


When used with an attachable operating module (EMZ8201BB) with an LCD display makes it easy to set parameters for and configure your drive system. The operating module also displays the status of the drive and is used for troubleshooting as well as for transferring parameters to other devices.

Ready for immediate operation The frequency inverters are preset for standard operation, e.g. with geared motors.

The preset parameters include:

  • Maximum torque at low frequencies
  • Safe start with maximum load
  • Controlled acceleration and deceleration due to current limiting control
  • Assignment of standard functions to inputs and outputs
  • communication options
  • The frequency inverters communicate with a higher level host system via attachable communication modules:
  • LECOM-AB: Networking via the RS232/485 interface
  • LECOM-LI: Networking via optical fibres
  • INTERBUS-S: Remote bus link with DRIVECOM profile 21
  • System bus Link to I/O terminals, (CAN): as well as links between a number of inverters 
  • PROFIBUS: Serial coupling to PROFIBUS-DP HVAC version

The following features are amongst those required in HVAC and pump drive applications: 

  • PID controller
  • Manual-remote changeover
  • Belt monitoring The 8200 HVAC and pump drive inverter meets these requirements.


pdf icon Print / Download Lenze EVF 8226 75 kW Motor Frequency Inverter Datasheet

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