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Genevac Busch Vacuum Generator

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Bagging table
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
Nominal Displacement 160 m3h @ 20mbar
Max Temp
Vacuum generation
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Ex Rolls Royce Machine.
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2420 X 1220 X 980
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A Busch generated composites vacuum bagging table with 2 x 100 liters vacuum reservoirs for fast action depressurisation.

Vacuum bagging is a technique employed to create mechanical pressure on a laminate during its cure cycle. Pressurising a composite lamination serves several functions.

  1. Removes trapped air between layers.
  2. Compacts the fiber layers for efficient force transmission among fiber bundles and prevents shifting of fiber orientation during cure.
  3. Provides uniform pressure to all surfaces especially useful on complex geometries 
  4. Reduces humidity.
  5. Finally, and most important, the vacuum bagging technique optimises the fiber-to-resin ratio in the composite part.

These advantages have for years enabled aerospace and racing industries to maximise the physical properties of advanced composite materials such as carbon, aramid, and epoxy.

Vacuum pump system: Busch RC 0160 C 401 GQXX, a 4 kW 160 m³h @ 20mbar vacuum pump connected to 2 x 100 l vacuum reservoirs. From the twin reservoirs the vacuum circuit is connected to a 6 port valve manifold, which in turn is connected to 3 paired table connectors and 2 single connectors for bagging connection. The table can be arranged to either pull down a vacuum from a bagging framed jig or from multiple small bags for smaller laminates.

Also usable as a permanently connected vacuum system for larger in oven bagging/curing systems. 

This table was originally used in conjunction with our stock number OW1777 Hedinair Composite & Plastics Curing Oven

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