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Rosler 'Z2000 ASS-2-Turbo' Centrifuge

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Year of Manufacture
2000 litre/hour
500 mm diameter Centrifuge
Other Info
3 phase 400vac/11 kW
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
1400 kg
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1700 x 1110 x 2340
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Model Range RZ2000

For environmental reasons, process water circulation is the preferred water treatment method for
industrial applications. The principle of the 2 – phase separation (solid/liquid phase) by centrifugal
force is the foundation of modern process water cleaning systems.

Proven process technology,

combined with highly efficient treatment systems, opens up a wide range of applications, not only
in the field of mass finishing.

Decades of experience in cleaning mass finishing wastewater contaminated with abrasive fines went into the development of centrifugal cleaning systems for other industrial liquids. Cleaning and recycling of contaminated liquids from

  • Machining centers
  • Grinding of glass (spectacle industry)
  • Solar/wafer production (grinding, saw cutting)
  • Paint booths  ECM (electrochemical machining)
  • High pressure water jet blasting  Recycling systems for precious materials
  • Dewatering of sludge

Functional Principle

The effluent to be cleaned either flows directly from the mass finishing system to the centrifuge by
gravity, or is transported to the centrifuge by a lifting (pump) station. Larger solid particles are
prevented from entering the collecting tank by a filter to prevent them from plugging up
and damaging the subsequent pumps.

A stirring device in the collecting tank maintains the solid fines in suspension. A powerful, low-maintenance diaphragm pump transports the effluent from the collecting tank to the rotary drum of the centrifuge. The
rotational speed up to 3000 RPM separates the liquid from the solid phase: While the solid particles contained in the effluent are deposited on the drum wall as sludge, the cleaned process water is picked up by a peeling nozzle and transported (“recycled”) back to the mass finishing, or other, system. Periodically, the cleaned process water is collected in a clear water tank and then pumped to the finishing system.

The sludge has usually a residual water content of about 20%. It can be easily removed from the system by a polyurethane basket that is inserted into the rotational drum.

The recycling of the process water from the finishing process not only reduces the consumption of water (up to 98 %), but it also reduces the usage of compounds and additives within the solution (up to 90 %) and furthermore the cost of waste disposal.

The Simatic OP7 PLC controlled, automatic centrifuges RZ2000 can clean up to 2000 litres of finishing process water per hour. The mud deposited on the wall of the rotating drum is automatically removed with a “peeling” knife and dropped into a mud container according to preset time intervals.

Due to the modular construction of the RZ model range, an optimum machine configuration is possible, which can be adapted to various customer-specific requirements. Multiple units can be used in conjunction with each other to both increase the cleaning capacity and provide a continuous return supply.

Please see the attached video with a demonstration of the peeler centrifuge in operation

Technical details

  • Capacity (l/h) 2,000
  • Centrifugal rating (g)  2,417
  • Type of drive V-Belt drive
  • Dimensions (mm) (LxBxH) 1700 x 1110 x 2340
  • Motor power-average (kW) 11

Limits of application

Centrifuges cannot be used universally. They are not suited for the following mass finishing applications:

  • Chemically accelerated and paste processes
  • Multi-stage processes with different compounds
  • Pickling processes with strong acids
  • Ball burnishing applications

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