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Elga Elgastat Prima Reverse Osmosis Unit

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Elgastat Prima Reverse Osmosis
P2E 08463
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Bench type laboratory water supply
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK


This pre owed Elgastat Prima delivers up to 30 litres an hour of type III water and is one of the major components used in many different applications performed in laboratories. It is vital to use the correct water grade or quality to match the required procedures or appliances.
Clinical analysers need to receive a constant and reliable supply of compliant water to produce and reproduce diagnostic tests accurately. Water quality below accepted standards affects result accuracy and significantly impacts running costs.
Chief benefits of RO water:

•Up to 98% rejection of inorganics using reverse osmosis
•Suitable for applications requiring type III water quality
•Low operational and consumable costs
•Compact size makes it suitable to be installed under a bench or mounted on a wall
•Easy to maintain

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