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Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS) TAE EVO121 Package Process Water Chiller

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From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
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Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS)
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Ave. cooling capacity
52.2kW at 15°C CWLT
Ave. Water Flow Rate
9.0/1.8 m3/h with 2.6/1.6 bar
Other Info
Modern thermal fluid chiller
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1860 x 760 x 2100
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A popular pre-owned self contained air cooled package chiller having a cooling capacity 52.2kW at 15ºC CWLT (chilled water leaving temperature) in an ambient of 32ºC.

Suitable for a wide range of solution and water cooling applications including cooling of anodising plating applications, injection moulding, food, diary, laser cutting and air conditioning to name but a few.

This fully packaged chiller contains a single Maneurop fully hermetic compressor.

With quick-release water and power connections, this chiller has been designed for a fast installation and start up.

The chiller can be supplied with an atmospheric or pressured set-up and can manage a wide range of temperature requirements (+20 to –0oC)

The 52.2kW chiller contains a 255 litre buffer tank and a circulation pump, which draws from the tank to supply the incumbent cooling system.

The chiller cycles off when the set outlet temperature in the evaporator has been achieved.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1860mm x 760mm x 2100mm
  • Weight: 663Kg
  • Water connections: 1 1/2” Female BSP
  • Max/Min water flow (m3/h):  9.0/1.8 with 2.6/1.6 bar
  • Running current: 32 Amps
  • Power supply: 400V(±10%)/50Hz/3ph
  • Max power absorbed: 10.3kW
  • Power sound level: 54.1 dB(A) at 10m away
  • Nominal cooling duty: 52.2kW at 15°C (38.5kW at 15°C)
  • Cooling efficiency: 52.2kW at 15°C cwlt in an ambient air temperature of 32°c.
  • Twin axial condenser cooling fans.
  • Refrigerant: R407
  • Maximum refrigeration pressure: 26 bar
  • Ambient water temp: - 5 to +43°C.

Principles of Refrigeration

A refrigerant cooling system is a closed loop system which contains a refrigerant gas. This gas is compressed and pressurised through a compressor and cooled through a heat exchanger and fan arrangement to produce a high pressure, liquid refrigerant.

This liquid refrigerant then passes through a hot gas expansion unit, where it is allowed to expand and ‘evaporate’ back into a low pressure gaseous refrigerant. The change of state from a liquid to a gas draws heat from the surrounding area. This is normally carried out within a high conductivity heat exchanger allowing it to draw and remove heat from the liquid or air that needs cooling.

The gas then re-enters the compressor and the process is repeated. As such electrical energy put into the compressor pump can be used to produce a cooling or chilling effect.

Key components;

  • Compressor: Produces high pressure gas
  • Condenser: Liquefies and cools the refrigerant by passing it through a heat exchanger
  • Expansion valve: Controls the flow of the liquid refrigerant to the evaporator.
  • Evaporator: Allows the refrigerant to turn back into a gas, whilst using the drop in temperature to remove heat from the external processes which require cooling

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