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Carbolite 750°C Air Recirculation Stainless Steel Lab Oven

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Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition, Seen powered at RSW
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Seen working by RSW, Excellent Condition, Seen powered at RSW
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
260 x 530 x 290
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Stainless Steel Chamber
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
630 x 1000 x 800
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The Carbolite 750°C HRF air recirculation bench-mounted oven is equipped with a powerful fan and horizontal air-guides, these models are intended to provide rapid heating with high thermal transfer to the chamber contents and high uniformity within the chamber. 

There design form the base from which custom designed chambers with non-standard sizes or control configurations are made. HRF ovens are often supplied with modifications to enable heat treatment within AMS 2750E Nadcap compliant production environments.

Standard Features

  • 750°C maximum operating temperature.
  • 45 litre chamber volume.
  • Wire elements located in both sides of the chamber.
  • Stainless steel liner.
  • 4 sets of shelve runners.
  • Combination of low thermal mass and refractory board insulation.
  • Eurotherm 3216 PID temperature controller.
  • 5 pin plug fitted.
  • Chimney exhaust with manual butterfly valve.

Electrical Details

415 Volt, 3 phase, 50-60 Hz 6kW, 9 amps

Common Heat Treatments That Use Industrial Ovens & Furnaces

Heat treatment is a controlled process of heating and cooling materials in order to improve its properties, performance, and strength typically made up of three main steps. Firstly heating the metal to a specific temperature, soaking or maintaining the specific temperature for a certain amount of time, and cooling to a suitable rate following prescribed methods.

There are seven main techniques used for the heat treatment of materials, and all affect material in different way. These techniques are:

  1. Normalising
  2. Annealing
  3. Tempering
  4. Hardening
  5. Ageing
  6. Stress Relieving
  7. Carburisation

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