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Plasticraft Two Stage Horizontal Fume Scrubbing Unit & Eliminator

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Two Stage Horizontal Fume Scrubbing Unit & Elimina
Seen working by RSW, Good Condition
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
23,560 // 40,000
Filter Area ft² / m²
2 Stage Pall Rings & Eliminator Blades
Other Info
Air speed 4.26 mtr/sec = 830 Ft/min
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2000 x 3650 x 1700
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This fume washing unit operates in two stages and is designed to neutralise the acid fumes and remove the vapour and any other remaining acids and solids from the gas stream.

Stage Process

Stage One – Dropout & Neutralising Chamber

The first stage is the unit Dropout chamber, where the gas stream is slowed to be met by a stream of neutralising reagent and falls to a drainage sump at the foot of the unit, from where it drains down to be re-circulated to the spray nozzles by a pump. The spray nozzles are designed and arranged to give a uniform spray over the complete cross section of the Unit.

The section behind the spray nozzles packed with "Pall Rings", designed to give a maximum surface area of contact between the neutralising reagent and the gas stream. This to ensure the maximum neutralising effect.

The neutralising reagent is stored in a tank below the unit, which also houses the pump to re-circulate the reagent under pressure to the spray nozzles.

Stage Two - Droplet Eliminator

The second stage comprises 2 banks of specially designed droplet eliminator blades, in series. These will remove moisture droplets down to 12 micron.
The eliminator blades have a scientifically designed aerodynamic profile which forces the moisture droplets sideways into an integral drainage channel.

At the foot of the eliminator blades the droplets collect in a small sump, which will then drain to the reagent tank

All manufactured from PVC reinforced with glass fibre.

Technical Data

  • Size (LxWxH): 3650mm x 2000mm x 1700mm
  • Volume: 40,000³mtr/hr = 23,560 cfm
  • Inlet diameter: 1060 mm - Air speed inlet 12.63 mtr/sec = 2462 ft/min
  • Outlet diameter: 1070 mm – Air speed outlet 11.7 mtr/sec = 2281 ft/min
  • Air speed through unit: 4.26 mtr/sec = 830 ft/min

 Optional items to consider for use as a Fume Scrubber

Chem Resist High Pressure Chemical resistant Fan

Serfilco SG15 Magnetic Coupled Pump

pdf icon Print / Download Plasticraft Two Stage Horizontal Fume Scrubbing Unit & Eliminator Datasheet

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