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Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd FDGAN-3 Natural Gas Burner

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From a working environment, Good Condition
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Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd
Year of Manufacture
J35486 / 1
From a working environment, Good Condition
Heat input 2,250,000Btu/h 660kW
Process Application
Gas Powered Heating
Other Info
Natural Gas : Train Type VCV2 230V
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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The FD range of burners are forced draught burners designed for industrial process air heating requirements. Short flame lengths, exceptional flame stability and accurate turndown as low as 9kW (30,000 Btu/h) are achieved by the unique Lanemark cone design combustion head.

The burner’s combustion air fan is generally designed to run continuously when the oven is in use or alternatively it can it can be energised from the burner’s controller to run only when the burner is required to run.

The fan motor electrical supply is made via an isolator, contactor and motor overload normally provided by others in the main site motor control panel.

Alternatively Lanemark can supply and fit these components. A fan motor isolation switch is fitted inside the burner control panel as standard. The burner is painted blue and is suitable for mounting directly onto the side of the oven or for down firing as required.


The burner must be installed in accordance with the following regulations:-

  • I.E.E Regulations (BS7671) Local Gas Service Area Recommendations
  • BS5440 Part 1 Specification for Installation of Flues
  • BS2915 Specification for Bursting Discs and Bursting Disc Devices
  • BS5440 Part 2 Specification for Installation of Ventilation for Gas Appliances
  • BS6644 Installation of Gas Fired Boilers between 60kW and 2MW
  • British Gas IM/30 Code of Practice for Gas Fired Process Plant 
  • British Gas IM/11 Flues for Commercial and Industrial Gas Fired Boilers and Air Heaters 
  • British Gas IM/12 Use of Gas in High Temperature Plant 
  • British Gas IM/18 Use of Gas in Low Temperature Plant 
  • LPGA COP9 LPG Air Plant 
  • LPGA COP17 Purging 
  • LPG Vessels and Systems 
  • IGE/UP/1 Soundness Testing and Purging Of Industrial and Commercial Gas Installations 
  • IGE/UP/4 Commissioning Of Gas Fired Plant on Industrial and Commercial Premises 
  • IGE/UP/2 Gas Installation Pipe work, Boosters and Compressors on Industrial and Commercial Premises 
  • Health and Safety Executive HS (g) 16 Evaporating and Other Ovens 
  • DETR Good Practice Guide Selecting and Specifying New Paint Plant and Stoving Ovens 
  • For some applications the discharge of flue gas into the atmosphere may be controlled and it is the responsibility of the owner to obtain permission from Local or National Government Departments as required.


  • Natural gas
  • Heat input: 2,250,000Btu/h 660kW
  • Max inlet pressure: 100mbar.
  • Min inlet pressure: 20mbar.
  • Control supply: 230V, single phase 50 Hz.
  • Fan supply: 230V, 3 phase, 50 Hz

pdf icon Print / Download Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd FDGAN-3 Natural Gas Burner Datasheet

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.