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Vixen Surface Treatments Aquablast 1515 Twin Pump 4 Gun Heavy Duty Wet Blasting Cabinet

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Excellent Condition
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Vixen Surface Treatments
AB1515 Aquablast
Year of Manufacture
Excellent Condition
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
Ø1350mm Powered table x 700mm height.
Work Handling Method
Semi Automatic with Powered Rotary Table
Other Info
Variable Speed Powered Rotary Turntable
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1890 x 1800 x 2140
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The Aquablast 1515 Wet Blasting Machine is designed by Vixen to simultaneously degrease and blast multiple components.

The machine is a wet blasting machine with a filtration system and powered turntable.

  • The process cleans by flow, and not impact, producing a 'soft' finish. The water acts as a lubricant, avoiding media impregnation and also extending the life of the blast media.
  • The water/media slurry is contained within the wet blasting cabinet sump.
  • Delivery of the slurry to the manual blast nozzle is via a glandless polyurethane pump and associated hoses located inside the wet blasting machine.
  • Compressed air is added to the blast nozzle to accelerate the slurry and create the cleaning effect.
  • After contact with the component, the slurry then drains back into the sump creating a re-circulating system.
  • Fine broken down media and other contaminants are fed via an overflow to a sedimentation filter located at the rear of the wet blasting machine.
  • New Model Vixen Aqua blast cabinet used for the cleaning, degreasing and removal of debris from workpieces.
  • An all stainless steel constructed blast cabinet with an internally submersed glandless polyurethane pump and tungsten carbide tipped blast nozzle. Used media and other contaminants are removed via overflow


  • Water wash gun drain tank.
  • Single right hand side door.
  • Variable speed, powered rotary turn table.
  • 3 phase media/water circulation pump
  • 3kW, 240 Volt sump heater.
  • Knee operated emergency stop.
  • Interlocked door.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • 3 off Internal Lights.
  • Floor pedal gun actuation.
  • 4 kW media blast pump mounted directly into the sump.
  • 3 off Tungsten carbide blast nozzles.
  • Front viewing window with internal wash/wipe
  • 150 litre sump capacity. 

Service Requirements

  • Electrical supply - 415v 3 Phase + Neutral
  • Air supply - 7 bar (100psi @ 40cfm)
  • Air operating range - 2-6 bar (30-80psi)
  • Water supply - 1/2" BSP
  • Drain floor level - Approx 10 litres/min

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