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Gast MFG Corp Regenerative Air Blower

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Gast MFG Corp
Vac 117mbar : Pressure 125mbar
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Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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In a regenerative blower, the compression space consists of a hollow, circular ring between the tips of the impeller blades and the walls of the housing.

In operation, the rotating impeller draws in air from the inlet port into the compression space and moves it radially outward to the curved housing by centrifugal force. The action is called “regenerative” because a certain amount of air slips past each impeller blade during rotation and returns to the base of a succeeding blade for acceleration. Due to this principle, regenerative blowers can generate pressure and vacuum performance comparable to many multi-stage or positive displacement blowers.

Possible Pressure Applications

  • Bag packing equipment.
  • Pond aeration.
  • Vacuum conveying.
  • Air tables.
  • Plus many more...

Possible Vacuum Applications

  • Holding of materials for automated cutting machines.
  • Dust and chip collection
  • Automated product feeding
  • Soil vapour extraction
  • Aerobic sewage treatment
  • Plus many more...

Product Features

  • Rugged construction, low maintenance.
  • Oilless operation.
  • UL and CSA approved TEFC motors with permanently sealed ball bearings.
  • Automatic restart thermal protection on single-phase motors.
  • Aluminium blower housing, impeller, and cover.
  • Can be operated with no airflow through the unit.
  • Can be mounted in any plane.
  • Inlet and outlet have internal muffling.

Technical Details

  • Max. pressure - 65 inH2 O (60 Hz), 50 inH2 O (50 Hz) : 125 mbar (50 Hz), 162 mbar (60 Hz)
  • Max. vacuum - 60 inH2 O (60 Hz), 47 inH2 O (50 Hz) : 117 mbar (50Hz),  149 mbar (60Hz)
  • Max. air flow - 160 CFM (60 Hz), 133 CFM (50 Hz)
  • 1.86kW // 2.5Hp

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