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Romer Custom Built Industrial Ovens


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Romer and Riley Surface World have delivered many custom built ovens manufactured to customer specifications.

If one of our standard oven packages doesn't suit your needs please contact us and we can discuss a specification that will achieve the results you are looking for.

Example Successful Projects

Below are some examples of features we have included in our industrial ovens. The major way to customise an oven is to ensure the chamber size suits the components and process whilst getting the balance between energy cost and flexibility correct. However, there are many other choices such as vacuum manifolds and dividing walls.

Photographs for these projects are shown above, please browse to see the range of features offered.

Shelving for Batch Component Curing

Custom made to manufacture small components; this oven was designed for curing paint finishes. Built to the dimensions of a tall but slim design for a reduced footprint (1m x 1m chamber footprint and 2m tall), the oven also featured 16 stainless steel shelves complete with interior tracks to fit them all in.

This solution provide a permanent and robust solution to the handling challenge presented by batches of components for this customer who supplies anti-vibration solutions to sectors that demand high quality standards such as aviation, automotive and defense.

Dual Chamber for Automotive Research & Development

This global automotive customer at the forefront of electric vehicle manufacturing needed and oven for its Research and Development department.

Designed to handle long components and have the flexibility to reduce operating costs this oven was delivered with a 4.2 meter long chamber. For further versatility the oven included a dividing wall and doors at both ends to operate as a half or dual chamber controlled from the touch screen HMI. This allowed different length components to be handled efficiently and cost effectively by reducing the space to be heated.

Given a lift for materials handling

The buyer of this oven, a supplier to the luxury automotive sector, wanted it lifted off the floor to suit their premises and forklift handling methods. This was achieved by raising the oven onto legs, one of many options available on our Romer industrial ovens.

To assist with loading and unloading components a raised trolley and bogie was included to match the height of the oven allowing large and heavy parts to be easily moved in and out of the oven and around the factory space.

Epoxy Curing R&D and in Production

Catering for the experimental nature of research & development, the purpose of this oven was to be capable of a variety of heat treatments and be capable of use in production when required. The key feature was a dual chamber with a removable wall. This was backed up by the as-standard, high quality ThPID, MTS, and over temperature protection for precision results.

The customer was using the oven to cure exothermic epoxy reactions between aluminium and stainless steel in the manufacture of precision industrial machinery for sectors such as healthcare and aviation.

Vacuum Pump Manifold for Pre-preg Components

Adapted to manufacture custom components for yachts in the maritime industry, this oven included a large and wide inner chamber with five vacuum ports. This additional feature offers the manufacturer the capability to produce pre-preg composite components using one vacuum port, up to five for individually vacuum bags, or up to five ports for one large component.

What comes as standard?

All bespoke ovens can be supplied with the usual high quality controls and features included in our full range of Romer industrial ovens, as listed below, and all are covered with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Standard Controls

  • ThPID control system offsets the effect of heating inertia called hysteresis. The standard solution is based on a circuit that switches elements on and off with constant power. ThPID dynamically adjusts the voltage at the setpoint temperature reducing power user and increasing accuracy
  • MTS control system provides more accurate temperature measurement by using multiple sensors across the oven chamber
  • Side mounted control panel with HMI display and an easy view status sounder and light bar
  • Over temperature protection
  • PLC controlled with iCure 7" Touch screen HMI panel with programmable functionality
  • Large colour touch panel, providing full control of all operational parameters. 
  • Save up to 20 programs and 10 consecutive triggers governing ramps, dwells, time and temperatures
  • Built in calendar
  • Process memory review - internal memory for 20 cycles
  • Start timer - begin your process before you reach the factory
  • On-board energy consumption monitoring and recording
  • Process memory review 
  • ModBus MASTER/SLAVE RS485 compatible
  • USB port for data capture to PC based iCure analysis software
  • iCure PC analysis software

Standard Benefits and Features

  • Forced air circulation with roof mounted fan.
  • Multi-positional hot air return vents for uniform heat distribution.
  • Temperature calibration achieved by adjustable holes in the side walls.
  • Passive air ventilation and cooling (vents open to allow passive cooling).
  • Forced air ventilation is available (ventilation fan blows cool air into the oven to extract and cool via vents).
  • Doors fitted with explosion proof, slam shut positive door locks.
  • Design tested to better than ± 5°C over a 9 point survey.
  • Controlled and automatic exhaust damper for programmed fume ventilation as you need for your process.
  • Insulated floor with trolley entry channels. 
  • Galvanised coated internal work chamber sheets.  
  • Modular electric heating system - Swiss made finned elements, easy access panel, and an innovative design offering instant heat generation.
  • Silicone door seals.
  • 240mm + insulation.
  • CE Marked.
  • Product trolley can be supplied.


  • Forced Air Ventilation
  • Programmable fan speed
  • Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Dividing Chamber (bulkhead)
  • Separate control zones (bulkhead required)
  • Ceiling mounted tracks
  • Flat Floor with trolley for lighter loads
  • Hanging frame or rail mounted on trolleys
  • Material handling conveyors
  • Built on legs with or without optional two part trolley
  • Controlled Cooling: You can use this oven to control the cooling rate of your process. This allows considerable control where your process needs to manage the temperature drop over time. Programmable from the easy-to-use touch screen the oven uses its advanced ThPID system to dynamically adjust the heating elements and manage the temperature drop.

Romer - Experienced Oven Manufacturer

Romer Industrial OvensThe outstanding feature of Romer ovens is the quality of manufacturing. Everyone who stands in front of a Romer, from buyers to calibration engineers, have commented how well constructed they are.

Romer have been manufacturing ovens and powder coating machines from their base in central Poland for over 25 years and export to 40 countries worldwide. Their 8,000m² facility employs over 150 staff and has passed Riley Surface World's inspection and auditing requirements.

Riley Surface World and Romer have secured a partnership to service the UK market with large (over 1m²) ovens up to 225°C. These ovens are perfect for curing powder coating but the range of applications is large.

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.