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Firbimatic FD100VSS Totally Enclosed Solvent Cleaning Machine

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From a working environment, Good Condition, Current Model
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270 x 430 x 130
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6 Stages
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50kg max capacity
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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2200 x 1500 x 2300
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The Firbimatic solvent based metal degreasing machine is designed to be used with 'perchloroethylene'  This 6 stage cleaning machine produces the highest standards of cleaning for metal components up to approximately  200 x 400 x 120mm in size.

Process Stages

  • Pre-cleaning using tank 1
  • Cleaning using tank 1
  • final cleaning using tank 2
  • Vapour cleaning
  • Drying 1
  • Drying 2

Pre-set Process Options Are;

  • Static with ultrasonic.
  • Swivel with ultrasonic.
  • Rotation with ultrasonic.
  • Static without ultrasonic.
  • Swivel without ultrasonic.
  • Rotation without ultrasonic.
  • Static spray bar without ultrasonic.
  • Swivel spray bar without ultrasonic.
  • Rotation spray bar without ultrasonic.


  • Basket can be static, swivel or rotate.
  • It can be used in a manual or automatic mode.


  • 2012 model.
  • Max load 50kg.
  • Solvent load 220kg, 151 litres.
  • 400 V 3 phase 50 Hz.
  • Power 30kW, 55A
  • Steam pressure 4 -5 bar.
  • Air pressure 6-8 bar.
  • Water pressure 2-3 bar.
  • Ground charge 686Kg/M²

Washing Chamber

This is the central part of the machine where the work takes place. The components to be washed are held in baskets and all the washing rinsing and drying takes place in this area. At the bottom there are several liquid entry points, also entry points for the vapours produced by the mini boiler. Situated at the top of the wash chamber there are several high pressure solvent spray bars that ensure cleaning if the components are not swivelled or rotated. There is a variable speed motor controlling the basket movement and everything in turn is controlled by the p.c.

Drying Cycle

The drying phase of the operation is performed by creating a vacuum inside the wash chamber. The vacuum pump removes the air and any solvent particles from the chamber to set up the optimal drying environment.

Ancillary Equipment

There is a refrigerator (R407C) and a 'still' for regenerating solvent, this is done by removing any impurities which have mixed in with the solvent during the cleaning process. The solvent recovery also consists of a condenser unit, a separator, a decanter and a water thermocouple alarm.

There is an active carbon depurator device, a 'fines' filter and the ultrasonic generator.

Includes External Chiller - TAE EVO 051

A self contained air cooled package chiller has a cooling capacity of 14kW at 7ºC (20kW @ 15cwlt) chilled water leaving the temperature at an ambient of 27ºC. Suitable for a wide range of solution and water cooling applications including cooling of anodising plating applications, injection moulding, food, dairy, laser cutting and air conditioning to name but a few.

Comprehensive control panel incorporating a microprocessor based digital temperature controller with fault diagnostics.


  • Approx overall size 750mm x 1350mm x 1300mm high
  • Installed nominal power of 7.9kW
  • Internal 110L storage tank
  • 0.75kW circulation pump offering between
  • 2.55-6m³/h flow at a head of 2.9-1.9 bar respectively
  • Quite running hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor
  • Single 1.15kW condenser cooling fan unit
  • 1" bsp inlet/outlet connections
  • 415 Volt 3ph
  • Running on the modern non ozone depleting R407c refrigerant gas
  • Weight 215kg
  • A company called PTech UK Ltd to service and change over to Perc. There was no cert issued. A company called 'Caldic Uk'  handled all the solvent issues.

Installation service can be undertaken by the following company who we have worked with in the past;

Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems Ltd, KintraveMollington, Chester, CH1 6NR
Tel. 01244 851652

Why use Perchloroethylene?

The versatility of Perchloroethylene makes it compatible with almost any metal, especially those that are more susceptible to oxidation such as aluminium, stainless steel, magnesium, zinc and some other alloys.

A chlorinated chemical compound, Perchloroethylene is considered one of the most effective solvents especially as it has progressed over the years. Able to be recovered for a more economical process, it can now be a safe and emission free chemical whilst still maintaining its low boiling point and good drying properties.

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.