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Excel Heat Ltd 560°C Large Capacity, Front Loading Oven with Uplifting Vertical Door

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From a working environment, Good Condition
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Excel Heat Ltd
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From a working environment, Good Condition
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
1600 x 1700 x 1650
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5300mm floor to top of door lifting gear
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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2800 x 2700 x 2800
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A large capacity, electrically heated oven with a vertical lift door and lined on the inside with stainless steel, complete with the necessary control equipment.

The oven is heated by electrical elements positioned down each side on stainless steel supports. Power to the elements is from a 415 volt, 3 phase, 50Hz supply. Control is from thyristor units mounted in the panel. The oven is connected to the power and control equipment by a permanent cable connection, which is contained within the trunking and conduit around the oven.

The control system comprises a two zone programmable temperature controller, paperless chart recorder, a policeman for each zone and necessary ancillary buttons and switches. Thermocouples are mounted in the furnace rear wall to provide information to the controller, over temperature policeman and the paperless chart recorder.


  • The door has a lifting shackle to enable the 1000kg hoist to raise the door to allow access to the oven. There are two safety pins on either side of the door both of which, must be secured in position before any personnel start loading or unloading the oven.
  • The circulation fan is roof mounted and its impellor is just below the roof lining with the shaft and motor assembly outside on the roof.
  • The exhaust fan is also positioned outside the oven at the back
  • The low thermal mass insulation is made up of ceramic fibre modules. The casing is built from steel frames enclosing insulation modules with a stainless steel inner lining.
  • The control panel is mounted on the right hand side of the oven when looking at the oven door.

Recirculating Fan

  • Number of fans                                          One
  • Motor size                                                  1.1kW @ 1450 rpm
  • Circulation rate                                          2500Nm3/Hr @ 20°C
  • Pressure                                                      65mm SWG
  • Maximum Temperature                            180°C
  • Electrical Supply                                        400/3/50

Exhaust Fan

  • Number of fans                                          One
  • Motor size                                                  1.1kW @ 2850 rpm
  • Volume                                                       2000Nm3/Hr @ 20°C
  • Pressure                                                     80mm SWG
  • Maximum Temperature                           150°C
  • Electrical Supply                                       400/3/50      

Electrical Supply

  • Supply                                                       400 volts, 3 phase, 50Hz
  • Control equipment                                  110 volts, single phase

Process Cycle

  • Switch On Recirculation fan
  • Switch On Exhaust fan
  • Ramp to 150°C @ 60°C / hour
  • Hold @ 150°C for 1 hours
  • Switch off Exhaust Fan
  • Ramp to 560°C @ 60°C / hour
  • Hold @ 560°C for 4 hours
  • Naturally Cool to 150°C or Below
  • Switch off Recirculation fan.

Heating Elements

A total of forty-eight elements are included, to give a total connected rating of 96kW. The elements are arranged in two groups of twenty-four along each side wall of the cover. Within each group, the separate element legs are connected together in a star fashion. All the element phase legs are connected to the electrical phase conductors in parallel within each group, but the star point of each of the groups is separate.

Circulation Fan

One high temperature insulated plug type fan is provided in the oven roof to provide a high volume of atmosphere recirculation over the heating elements and the charge. The fan is mounted close to the underside of the oven roof. The stainless steel cowl directs airflow into the centre of the multi-vane fan impellor.

The fan is driven by a 1.1kw 4 pole foot mounted, frame size 90S motor running at approximately 1450 RPM giving approximately 2500 NM3/hr at 65mm SWG @ 20°C

The fan is started automatically if the oven door is fully down, the down limit switch is activated and via the 1st event relay in the Honeywell UDC 3500 master controller is programmed to switch the fan on.

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.