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Nova Frigo RC30 Air Cooled Chiller

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Good Condition, Current Model, Seen powered at RSW
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Nova Frigo
Year of Manufacture
Good Condition, Current Model, Seen powered at RSW
Ave. cooling capacity
26.7kW (23000f/h)
Ave. Water Flow Rate
60L Min
Other Info
Scroll Compressor
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1230 x 1110 x 2180
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The machine is a refrigerator for industrial environments and is designed to cool water or a mixture of water & glycol. The chilling procedure generates hot air, which is expelled by fans and can be used for heating.

  • Hermetic Compressors with Orbiting (Scroll) - They generate fewer vibrations, they do not have outlet gas pulsations and they are more efficient than reciprocating or semi-hermetic models. 
  • Evaporator -  AISI316 stainless steel plate heat exchangers (plate is copper braze-welded). It is provided with special closed cell foam material preventing loss of heat.
  • Finned Condensation Pack - With a large heat exchanger surface, copper piping and aluminium supports. Cools and condenses the refrigerant brought to high pressure by the compressor. 
  • Centrifugal Fans - (Standard for RC) Centrifugal fans air duct, wide possibilities for air canalisation; fan motor with tropicalized winding. 
  • Structure - Frame made with pre-galvanized/aluminised steel, painted with epoxy. 
  • Waterproof Electric Board-  Situated in a protected zone inside the unit, accessible only after removing the closing panel. It contains the main switch with door-lock, magnetothermic switches for each component, contactors, transformer and service terminals. A microprocessor, together with the pressure transducers, controls evaporation and condensation pressure. Condensation is controlled by regulating the fan speed. In addition, the microprocessor allows easy reading and setting of the operating data and alarms. It has a serial interface with external electronic devices (RS485 communication). It permits remote control from a remote control panel. It is prearranged for electronic automatic control of the proportioning by-pass valve, pump block and automatic loading. 
  • Tank - Closed stainless steel tank to provide maximum resistance to corrosive agents contained in water and covered with closed cell foam, anti-dispersing and anti-condensing coating.


  • It can be installed indoors or outdoors but may require modification for outdoor installation.
  • Self contained air cooled package chiller.
  • Single axial fan.
  • 0.75kW flow pump 7.26kW / 27.35kcal/hr cooling capacity.
  • R407C refrigerant. 
  • Inbuilt expansion tank and frost protection. 
  • Gas charge 7.5Kg.
  • Overall size 1230 x 1110 x 2180mm high Net weight 622kg.

Reuse of Warm Air

During the winter season, the warm air produced by the condensation can be sent to the production department to supplement or replace the heating system. In the summer, on the other hand, for the correct functioning of the chiller, the warm air produced by the chiller must be eliminated by forcing it out; in addition, this ensures a notable change of air in the department itself. To ensure both the recovery of warm air (winter) and the change of air (summer), it is necessary to install a T joint with a diverter valve for each fan and properly galvanized steel ducts. Careful planning of the duct system is recommended with minimum pressure drop, in order to guarantee the correct air flow through the condenser. On the same machine, it is possible to use one duct for all the fans, with an air passage section equal to the sum of the single ducts. See the manual for more details.


pdf icon Print / Download Nova Frigo RC30 Air Cooled Chiller Datasheet

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.