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Romer Essential Electric Oven Range


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Brand New, Excellent Condition, Unused, Current Model
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Romer 225°C Essentials Industrial Oven Range

Romer Electric Ovens are 225°C general purpose, electric, batch ovens from 3.4m³ upwards. Ideal for general powder coating processes.

These ovens are from the well respected Polish manufacturer, Romer, and include upgraded controls and build features for the UK market, as designed by Riley Surface World. 

Constructed from a heavy duty steel box sectioned frame with infilled insulated galvanized panels and externally clad in a hard wearing powder coated finish.

During use air is circulated around the oven by a roof mounted fan through adjustable hot air vents in the side panels.
Ventilation of air during or after the cycle is passive.

This "Essentials" model of our popular Romer Oven Range is mainly used for general drying process of powder coating or any any process where temperature recording is not required. 

Typical applications

  • Powder Coating Curing Processes
  • Pre heating and low temperature heat treatments
  • Thermal bonding 
  • Drying applications
  • Thermal testing etc.

Benefits and Features

  • Multi positional hot air return vents for uniform heat distribution
  • Digital Control read-out
  • Temperature calibration achieved by adjustable holes in side walls
  • Passive venting 
  • Double loading doors with adjustable, explosion proof, slam shut positive
  • Insulated floor with trolley entry channels 
  • Galvanised coated internal work chamber sheets  
  • Modular electric heating system - Swiss made finned elements, easy access panel, and an innovative design offering instant heat generation
  • Silicone door seals
  • CE Marked
  • Product trolley supplied
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Romer Oven Features


  • Side mounted control panel with HMI display and an easy view status sounder and light bar
  • Over temperature protection
  • PLC controlled with iCure 7" Touch screen HMI panel with programmable functionality
  • Large colour touch panel, providing full control of all operational parameters. 
  • Save up to 20 programs and 10 consecutive triggers governing ramps, dwells, time and temperatures
  • Built in calendar
  • Process memory review - internal memory for 20 cycles
  • Start timer - begin your process before you reach the factory
  • On-board energy consumption monitoring and recording
  • Process memory review 
  • ModBus MASTER/SLAVE RS485 compatible
  • USB port for data capture to PC based iCure analysis software
  • iCure PC analysis software

Available Sizes

ModelTemp °CSizeInternal mm w x d x h
SLS-O 1.5x1.5x1.52253.4 m³1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m
SLS-O 1.5x1.2x2.02253.6 m³1.5m x 1.2m x 2.0m
SLS-O 2.0x1.5x2.02256.0 m³2.0m x 1.5m x 2.0m
SLS-O 2.0x2.0x2.02258.0 m³2.0m x 2.0m x 2.0m
SLS-O225CustomTo suit your process


If you order an oven designed and built to your specification the following features are possible

  • Forced Air Ventilation
  • Programmable fan speed
  • Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Dividing Chamber (bulkhead)
  • Separate control zones (bulkhead required)
  • Ceiling mounted tracks
  • Flat Floor with trolley for lighter loads
  • Hanging frame or rail mounted on trolleys
  • Material handling conveyors
  • Pull out shelves and shelving guides

In addition Rileys has two other Romer Electric Oven Ranges that offer additional features to the Essentials Range.

Romer 225°C Industrial Oven Range offers significant temperature recording and monitoring features. These allow for better control, performance and traceability during and after your process.

Romer 225°C Convection Industrial Oven Range offers chamber heating without using fans to move air. These radiant ovens are cost effective and particularly useful for cases where the process can't tolerate air movement in the oven chamber.

Romer - Experienced Oven Manufacturer

Romer Industrial OvensThe outstanding feature of Romer ovens is the quality of manufacturing. Everyone who stands in front of a Romer, from buyers to calibration engineers, have commented how well constructed they are.

Romer have been manufacturing ovens and powder coating machines from their base in central Poland for over 25 years and export to 40 countries worldwide. Their 8,000m² facility employs over 150 staff and has passed Riley Surface World's inspection and auditing requirements.

Riley Surface World and Romer have secured a partnership to service the UK market with large (over 1m²) ovens up to 225°C. These ovens are perfect for curing powder coating but the range of applications is large.

Why are Ovens Essential for Powder Coating?

A popular process in surface finishing, powder coating is made up of three fundamental steps of preparation, application and curing.

The importance of the curing stage is what sets the layer to produce the durable qualities powder coating is known for. To cure the powder coating layer, a heat element is required to melt the layer initially, allowing the layer to flow & bond to form a solid coating. To cater for sizes of the components to reach temperatures of 160°C to 240°C, industrial ovens are essential as they offer the size & temperature requirements needed.

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