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Surface Finishing Equipment Ltd. Waste Chemical Pumping Station

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From a working environment, Good Condition
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Surface Finishing Equipment Ltd.
Waste Chemical Pumping Station
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From a working environment, Good Condition
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200 Litres
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Collection, Pump and Transfer
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Polypropylene Double Diaphragm Pump.
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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1500 x 700 x 1600
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Waste chemical pumping station comprising of a very high quality polypropylene chemical pumping station. With a 200 litre capacity, this pumping station is constructed from black 8mm polypropylene and is supplied fully welded, with a Serfilco polypropylene  double diaphragm pump.

Tank Specification

The 200 litre tank is an ideal tank for pumping waste or process chemicals. Construction is manufactured from 8mm high grade polypropylene and also has an equally well constructed control cabinet, with door, which houses any control gear needed to run the pump or level controls (not supplied).

Attached to the side of the tank is a clear polycarbonate sight tube, where the level of solution within the tank can be observed. Attached to this tube is 3 BAMO fluid level sensors, which can provide electronic control and monitoring of low/high and alarm solution levels within the tank


BAMO Fluid level Switch

Principle of operation

A magnetic handle is actuated a float mounted in the tank, which operates the micro-switch causing electrical contact.
The unit is rated IP 65; Connector is a 3-pole cable plug acc. DIN EN 175301, with PE terminal 13.5; Pipe clamps allow fitting to the external sight tube diameter

Technical Specification

  • Rated voltage: 250 V AC;  30 V DC
  • Rated current: 1 mA 3 A (AC or DC)
  • Contact: Bistable micro-switch, change-over contact.
  • Gap between 2 switches: 40 mm, as a minimum, plans at 120°
  • Connector: Dismantable; 3-pole cable plug acc. DIN EN 175301
  • Electrical connection: Cable cross section: 1.5 mm² max.
  • Cable output: PG 13.5
  • Ambient temperature: -20 +90 °C
  • Housing: Polycarbonate, IP 65
  • Fittings: Pipe clamps, or stainless steel or plastic acc. O.D.
  • CE Marks: Acc. to Guidelines 2006/95/EG (low Voltage), 89/336/EEC (EMV)7

Located at the underside of the tank is a Serfilco double diaphragm pump. This pump is designed to move the solution from tank to waste or further processes in a fast, controlled manner.

Serfilco PPBL-1 pump

This rugged and durable self-priming, double diaphragm pump is lube-free and non-stalling, the pump will handle any product that pours, from clear water to highly viscous, abrasive and chemically aggressive materials. Able to handle suspended solids and abrasives without damage to the product or the pump, the unique pump design utilizes far fewer parts than other pumps on the market. This results in longer operating life and easier maintenance at a lower cost. The pump is driven by compressed air, so there is no need for shielded electrical connections or explosion-proof motors. The pump can run dry because there are no close fitting or sliding parts in the fluid section. Flow rates can be controlled to produce from zero to maximum flow simply by increasing or decreasing air flow or pressure.

  • Capacity: Adjustable   0 to 41 GPM (156 liters/min.) Maximum
  • temperature:  PVDF, AL and SS models 200°F (93°C) Other
  • model 150°F (66°C) Minimum air
  • pressure 20 PSI (1.4 bar) Maximum air
  • pressure 120 PSI (8.0 bars) Dry lift capacity @ 120 PSI (8.0 bars):
  • Models w/TFE balls 10 ft
  • 1/4" (6.4 mm) Air supply: Inlet 1/4"
  • Models 1" Flange ANSI/DIN compatible

Located on the side of the unit is an air pressure regulator, complete with ½” isolation ball valve and solenoid valve (control gear not supplied)

Located to the front of the tank is a control box for all relative electrical connections.

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