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Riley Ultrasonic Multistage Cleaning Range


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Please call on +44 (0) 1922 45 8000
1 year manufacturer guarantee
Available subject to build time
Brand New, Unused, Current Model
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Brand New, Unused, Current Model
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2, 3, 4, or 5 stages are available
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Ultrasonic, Heated, Multi Tank Cleaning
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Riley Ultrasonic Multistage Cleaning Range

The Riley Ultrasonic Cleaning and wash range is available in 2-5 stages with 60-240 litre tanks possible. Built from 304 Stainless Steel the quality is clear to see at an excellent price.

Rileys have chosen a standard configuration to cover the most common requirements we see from our customers but a whole range of features, sizes and configurations can be accommodated. Please see some prices below. 

If you are looking to purchase a new Ultrasonic machine, We always advice to get an individual quote based on your requirements and needs as the solution for you may differ from the Standard machine featured below

Fully Stainless Steel - quality and durability

The Riley Ultrasonic wash system is built around a stainless-steel rigid box section frame, greatly increasing the strength and load carrying capacity of the washing system. Constructed from high quality grade 304 stainless steel inside and out this cleaning plant will give excellent service throughout its extended lifespan.

Wash Stages - performance and flexibility

This brand new multi stage washing system is ideal for a wide variety of cleaning applications. Stages can be incorporated to suit your requirements including the following.


Pre-washing is generally used for very dirty and greasy parts before precise cleaning. Removing rough contamination here saves time, energy, water and cleaning chemical consumption later in the cleaning process.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is designed to reach parts of components that are normally very difficult to reach. Small holes in components or complicated shaped parts can’t always be cleaned with a brush or jet wash machinery but can be using ultrasonics.
A series of ultrasonic transducers are mounted on the base of the wash tank and vibrate with a frequency of 28kHz to remove even the finest of particles from the most difficult to get to places.
This stage can be heated to further improve cleaning performance.


After washing chemical residue can remain on the surface of the parts after cleaning which might contaminate later production processes. To wash away these chemical residuals rinsing can be used either by a closed circulation system or by continual fresh water supply.


Clean parts may need to be protected against oxidation (rust) before they move on to other stages of production or distribution. This can be achieved during a passivization stage.


Once clean, parts can be dried using hot air or vacuum drying, depending on the geometry of the parts.

Insulated - energy savings

The Riley Ultrasonic washing system has 20mm thick thermal insulation installed on all heated fluid and drying tanks. Insulation material is made from industrial grade glass wool which provides excellent insulation performance. With insulation fitted to all heated tanks this aids in heat retention and provide significant savings due to lower energy consumption.

Tank Heaters - up to 80°C

All heated fluid tanks are heated by externally tank bonded silicone rubber heaters. The bonded heaters are regulated by digital thermostat control units with digital readout/display allowing fine control in a temperature range of ambient up to 80°C.

Control Panel - easy to use

An easy-to-use IP54 rated machine mounted control panel comes complete with the following control features

  • Fluid heaters on/off 
  • Fluid temperature controllers 
  • Ultrasonic washing timer controller 
  • Rinsing timer controller 
  • Low fluid level indicator light 
  • Mains power on light

Ultrasonic Cleaner Features

Extended Guarantee - for peace of mind

A full 24 months parts guarantee comes with each new machine. 12 Months labour cover is also included.

Available Models

If you are looking to purchase a new Ultrasonic machine, We always advice to get an individual quote based on your requirements and needs as the solution for you may differ from the Standard machine featured below

Model No

Working Area
(WxDxH mm)
Tank Capacity


External Size
(WxDxH mm)


Riley Ultrasonic 160-2

Basket 800 x 450 x 350


Ultrasonic, Rinse2350 x 800 x 9001500 W

Riley Ultrasonic 160-3

Basket 800 x 450 x 350


Pre-wash, Ultrasonic, Rinse3350 x 800 x 9001500 W

Riley Ultrasonic 160-4

Basket 800 x 450 x 350


Pre-wash, Ultrasonic, Rinse, Dry4400 x 800 x 9001500 W

Riley Ultrasonic 160-5

Basket 800 x 450 x 350


Pre-wash, Ultrasonic, Rinse, Passivation, Dry5400 x 800 x 9001500 W



60l - 240l

2-5 stages  


Fitted as standard

  • Stainless Steel Baskets
  • Insulated Hinged Lid with Gas Spring
  • Pump Filter PKF 20
  • Weir System with inline 20” Cartridge Filter and Spray Bar
  • Automatic Filling Double Tank Washing
  • CE Marked, UL marking as an option
  • Low level fluid protection used to protect the ultrasonic transducers and heating elements

Options available

  • Dosing pump (timer or rate)
  • Drip Tray
  • Basket agitation
  • Hand air gun

Utility Requirements

  • Mains Electric : Three phase + neutral + earth, 380-400 volts, 50Hz
  • Mains Water Inlet  : Via one ½” BSP manual ball valves
  • Mains Water Outlet : Via two 1” BSP manual ball valves

Custom Builds and Features

In addition to a well specified range of standard machines with flexible options Riley can design and build Ultrasonic machines to your custom specification. Example features on successfully delivered projects include:

  • Drying stage
  • Warning/end of process alarm and beacon light
  • In tank contamination sensor

Part Exchange

Part exchanges are available with any type of used machinery, i.e. washer, ovens shot blasters etc. Ask a member of staff for details.

pdf icon Print / Download Riley Ultrasonic Multistage Cleaning Range Datasheet

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.