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Dolfin Continuous Rotary Drum Parts Washing Machine Range


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Brand New, Current Model
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A rotary parts washer fitted with a continuous moving (variable speed) stainless steel drum that conveys the components through the  wash and drying process. Specifically developed to wash parts that cannot be tumbled due to risk of damage. 

These machines can also be specified with two or 3 stage washing and drying processes if required.

Working Principles 

Parts are fed through the entrance hatch into the rotating drum which containing an Archimedes spiral, positioned horizontally in the machine. As the drum rotates, the parts are progressively washed with the aqueous alkali solution sprayed through the in built nozzles within the cabinet.

 All surface of the parts will be thoroughly degreased as it is being progressed through the drum.

The products are then dried with a high velocity heated air dryer.

This Dolfin rotary parts washer  has been developed to provide a continuous throughput of parts that need to be degreased and dried in large quantities on a continuous basis from such machines as CNC lathes and auto's.

Features include:

  • Stainless Steel 300 mm diameter drum with 150 Ø mm inlet.
  • Reinforced stainless steel body and sub frame
  • 2mm sheet thickness
  • Water level protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Digital temperature control
  • Fitted variable drive speed control
  • Electrically heated solution
  • Adjustable spray bar pressure
  • Adjustable drying heater temperature control
  • Adjustable wash heater temperature control

Rotary Drum Washing Machine Features


Ideally used for the deoiling, deburring and degreasing of small parts and bulk volumes of parts which are difficult and time consuming to process in trays.

Commonly used in the Automotive industry for parts such as nuts, bolts and fasteners.

Available Models

Model No


Work Area Height mmWashing Capacity kg/h

External Size (WxDxH mm)

Weight kg



400 Ø x 2000


1350 x 2500 x 1730




400 Ø





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