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CC Hydrosonics Ultrasonic Solvent Precision Cleaning Machine

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From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
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CC Hydrosonics
Solvac TM sealed cleaning process
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) [?]
Baskets 390x270x200
Process Stages
3 immersion stage + vapour rinse & dry
Other Info
High output/through put automatic plant
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
3060 x 1430 x 2930
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Process Specification

The SOLVAC TM Sealed Cleaning System has the technical capability of running most Non Flammable Solvents, via simple temperature adjustment.

This obviously opens up a huge potential market, not only in the Electronics Industry but any Precision Cleaning Application where a Solvent Process is deemed necessary.

Its unique Patented Design maximises output efficiency whilst minimising Energy and Solvent Emissions.

Specific System Features

* Stainless Steel Load and Off-Load Roller Beds
* Low Level Safety Solvent Sensors
* High Sump Contamination Indication
* Four Sided Condensing Coils
* Electronic Vapour Control System
(Which will allow continuous boil when the basket is in the Vapour Generator)
* Full Base Heating
* 150% Freeboard Area
* Twin Compressor Refrigerated Freeboard Cooling System
* High Vapour Level Safety Cut-Out Device
* Injection Flow Sprays Under Immersion in both Process Sumps
* Pump and Filtration System in both process sumps
* The most advanced Electronic Heat Input System in the world
* Transystem Automatic Handling System
* Sealing Lid System
* Flashing Light Tower (for end of cycle completion)
* Semi Automatic Top Up Facility
* Technical and Financial Stability of one of the largest manufacturers in the World. (See brochure references)
* Access to technically competent technicians, with over 20 years of experience in the Degreasing Market

Electronic Vapour Control System

The Electronic Vapour Control System is a sophisticated Micro Control Monitoring Process, that constantly manages the heat input ratio against any weight of components entering the machine.

On initial heat-up mode the unit will call on the electrical heat, this power input is sufficient to quickly establish a Vapour Blanket. When the Probe senses that the Hot Vapour is Present, the Micro-Controller Pulses the sump heat maintaining a Stable Vapour Blanket, reducing input energy costs by upto 60/70%, whilst minimising solvent consumption. By adjusting the Pulse Rate of the Heaters, control on the distillate rate can be achieved.

Injection Flow

Both Process Sumps will incorporate Injection Flow Sprays Under Immersion.

Enables a much larger area of the process chamber to be effectively agitated, giving far greater consistency in cleaning efficiency.

The unique configuration of the jets, sets up a uniformed flow pattern throughout the chamber by positioning sprays in directly opposing positions, both a positive and

negative flow pressure is formed. The Kinetic Energy Forces, quickly start to react on the surface of the components etching back unwanted contamination and penetrating small holes on close faced components.

As in any cleaning technique, racking and jigging of components is extremely important, and when positioning always allow sufficient area for liquid to move through work pieces.

When using this method in conjunction with PCB Cleaning always ensure boards are stacked parallel to spray direction.

Water Separation (Including Molecular Sieve)

A Water Separator continuously removes any water that may condense in the unit. A small ported valve found under the front cover allows periodical water drainage.


Both the Primary and Second Level Cleaning sumps will be fitted with a Cartridge Filter and Pump System

Stage 1 = 20 Micron
Stage 2 = 10 Micron

Freeboard Cooling

The process is fitted with Twin Compressor Refrigerated Freeboard Cooling

Transystem Automatic Handling System

The unique dedicated software package, combined with mechanical linear technology, culminates sophistication with reliability.

The Automatic Handling System is designed to automate the handling of basket through cleaning and chemical processes where consistent positioning are required.

The exclusive software employed by the Transystem enables the system to "Shuffle" baskets through the process utilising all stage at the same time increasing through-put.

The Transystem consists of a framework sized to suit the cleaning tanks.


* Automatic No Hands Operation Improves Labour Utilisation

* Increased Productivity Is Obtained Whilst Improving Consistency 

Internal tank:- 1520 x 375 x 1250

Baskets included - Working envelope (WxDxH)  390mm x 270mm x 200mm

pdf icon Print / Download CC Hydrosonics Ultrasonic Solvent Precision Cleaning Machine Datasheet

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.