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Munk PSP Varipuls 100A/6V Rectifier

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E230 G6/200 WRG-TFM
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Single phase 230 Volts
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
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240 x 135 x 320
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MUNK Varipuls Switch-Mode Technology psp family, air-cooled

Plating rectifiers featuring the advanced switched-mode power supply technology designed for simple air cooling.  The modules are for excellent quality DC precision plating processes.

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Please be aware that the Sold as seen price refers to the Rectifier only.

Refurbished Price is the Rectifier complete with a new controller.

Please contact Sue in Sales on 01922 458000 for further information.

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Individual use for processes where controlled DC power supplies are needed. Processes include electrolytic special appplications, plating processes and pulse applications.


For a suitable variable amp - volt controller, please refer to our record RU711A the British Electrical Company Munk Thyristor Rectifier Controller.

Product Description:

Modular, high-frequent 19" switch-mode technology including a standardised analogue interface. EMC-compliant and rounded-up with a high-tech finish. The psp family of modules and plug-in units are intended for the installation in an industrial control cabinet. One of the outstanding features of this compact power supply is the constant low ripple which provides excellent DC quality.

Beyond galvanically isolated setpoint and actual values (0-10 VDC), optional 

The 4-20 mA or Profibus DP devices are short-circuit proof and resistant against over temperatures.

Block diagram:

The switch-mode rectifier is featured with the following five functions: 

High-frequent disturbances are reduced in the mains filter (1). On the other hand the mains filter is used to dampen the interference voltages. The mains rectifier converts the voltage into DC voltage (2). The power electronics (3) then convert the DC voltage pulse width modulated into a staircase-shaped alternating voltage. The internal transformer (4) stands for a galvanic potential separation and voltage adjustment on the secondary side. On the output side rectification is achieved by fast power diodes (5). On the output side a constantly smoothed and fully controllable DC voltage is generated.

Customer Benefits:

Specially adapted for multi-circuit rectifier cabinets the psp family modules and plug-in units offer a high packaging density. Furthermore they are featured with a central feed-in as well as a central interface for communication and cooling.

Technical Data (applies for all sizes)

Ripple (alpha units):< 1 % (over the entire output range)
Ripple (gamma units):< 3 % (over the entire output range)
Duty Factor:100 %
Adjustment:0 - 100 %
Control:constant current and voltage control
Efficiency:> 80 - 95 %


Sizes alpha S and M: 
Setpoint values:0-10 V (standard)
 0-20 mA (optional)
Actual values:0-UNominal (standard)
 0-60 mV (standard)
All the other sizes: 
Setpoint and actual values:0-10 V (standard)
 0-20 mA (optional)
 4-20 mA (optional)

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Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.