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Chromalloy Success: Providing the Platform to Expand Our OEM’s Reach

Providing the Platform to Expand Our OEM’s Reach

As dealers in second hand machinery for 60+ years, Riley Surface World understands the complex ecosystem of OEMs, dealers and contractors involved in, ultimately, providing the best solutions for customers.

Chromalloy’s Direct From Site event is a perfect example of honestly and transparently using each part of that ecosystem to delivery success for everyone involved.
The event featured a large volume of machinery, some very specialised, so Riley didn’t work alone. Open about partnering with OEMs, service partners and specialists in the industry, the collaborative efforts of all involved was another aspect that made the event such a success. It is by working with the right people, we have been able to provide our customers with a more thorough service.

Handling Specialist Equipment – Vacuum Furnaces

As our Chromalloy factory clearance included four vacuum furnaces, getting the assistance to source the information and transport them was critical when considering how specialist of a furnace they were. Working with service partners, Vacuum & Atmosphere Services Ltd (VAS), Rileys was able to sell and handle this equipment with confidence.

Although the furnaces were from different OEMs an experienced partner meant this was no hurdle. VAS’s knowledge of vacuum furnaces allowed for them to be decommissioned and dismantled on site for transport. Given the trust built between Rileys, the buyers and contractors further opportunities for VAS to reinstall the furnaces for their new owners were created adding value for all.

"Having been personally involved in installing the furnaces since the first furnace in 1992, it has come full circle to also be involved in the removal of vacuum furnaces for the site closure.
Without any problems, working with Jason, Helen and Ryan has made the experience easy, with all three providing fantastic customer service. The team at Rileys were always on the ball and responsive to the situation at hand, I would recommend Rileys to any of my customers if they were looking to sell unwanted machinery.
Working with Rileys has been brilliant and should the opportunity occur to work with them for another project, we would again."
Mike Long, Managing Director at VAS

 Find out more about their transportation at Chromalloy Success Story - Transporting Specialist Machinery.

OEM Collaboration for Vibratory Finishers

Another fantastic partnership expanded with our Chromalloy event was with surface finishing machinery manufacturer Walther Trowal. This OEM has worked cooperatively with Rileys for many years with opportunities shared to achieve the best solution for the customers.

Among the machinery at Chromalloy was a dedicated area for mass finishing components, filled with vibratory finishers including three made by Walter Trowal. With multiple machines on site, engineers from Walter Trowal came to Chromalloy, decommissioning & disconnecting all the finishers in the room.

Following the swift success of selling the finishing machinery, within a week after going live, Walter Trowal continued to work with Rileys. They re-installed the vibratory finishers at the new premises as a majority had been brought by one customer. Now continuing their aftermarket care with the new owners for maintenance and repairs, it’s collaborations like this where everyone is a winner.

Working with Quality Long Term Partners

Another familiar and long-term partner to Rileys, Donaldson Torit has worked with Rileys for many years, frequently forwarding their own enquires from sellers looking to sell their used extractors our way.

Recognising Riley Surface World’s capacity to sell used dust extractors Donaldson Torit can see a direct line to revenue by supporting machinery recommissioned at new premises. Additionally clearing space and release funds for reinvestment gives both indirect and direct benefits to Donaldson Torit’s established customers.

The Chromalloy event featuring a couple of these machines, this established partnership was continued.

It’s Not Just the Machine Specialists We Work With

Partnering with companies that are not machine focused specialists within the industry can include specialist transportation for companies that are experienced in the loading and haulage of plant.

Potteries Heavy Haulage worked with VAC at Chromalloy to handle the out of gauge vacuum furnaces winning work to transport to their final destination on the continent.

Partnerships Benefit All

As dealers of new & used surface finishing machinery, our 55+ years of experience have led Rileys to become very familiar and friendly with many surface finishing brands and associated companies in the industry. It’s through those connections and respect for specialists that we frequently partner with companies to offer the best service to our customers.

Rileys is the platform to buy and sell the machinery, this collaboration has further benefited those we partner with for ongoing business via opportunities such as reinstalling and maintenance plans. Our friendly approach to working together is a benefit everyone involved.
If you are in a situation where you have been offered used machinery or looking for an option to remove the pre-existing machinery, reach out to our buying team to see how we can help you.

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Providing the Platform to Expand Our OEM's ReachProviding the Platform to Expand Our OEM’s Reach

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