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Chromalloy Success: Huge Expansion & Growth Opportunity for European Turbine Manufacturers

Huge Expansion & Growth Opportunity for European Turbine Manufacturers

Well known for buying and selling used machinery, Riley Surface World has always seen the machinery we sell as someone else’s next opportunity. From upgrading to expanding production lines, the more affordable prices of our used range are frequently the deciding factor that allows our customers to choose their next investment.

Machine Alert Email to Six Figure Purchase

Our Direct From Site events provide Riley Surface World's customers the best opportunities for large or specialised machinery, our recent Chromalloy factory clearance proving this 100%. One of the standout customers to take advantage of the event was the engineering company ALP Technologies.

As a subscriber to our machine alerts, our contact at ALP Technologies reached out to Rileys following one of our email based announcements for our Chromalloy factory clearance.

Our Machine Alert emails really are the best way to find out what we have coming up for sale, and are so simple to sign up to.

A visit to view “everything” on offer was arranged; a common enquiry we had considering the large volume of high quality machinery available in the event.

Treats Around Every Corner

ALP left their first on-site visit with a long shopping list of over 50 machines and pieces of equipment to commercialise a product ready to move from R&D to full production. This included specialised vacuum furnaces to factory essentials like scissor trollies. Also chosen was machinery like multiple Guyson shot blasters and dust extraction units, which are universal to many surface finishing processes.

Why so Much Machinery?

Given the quality and scale of the opportunity, ALP’s interest snowballed to include their full manufacturing consortium, focused on turbine manufacturing across Europe. The Chromalloy factory clearance event was ALP’s opportunity for a shared investment in the continuation of their core business and to rapidly expand into a new sector.

The discounted prices and no lead times were a huge bonus for ALP as it allowed them to buy more high quality machinery and start getting a return on investment quickly.

The machinery was already perfectly compatible for turbine manufacturing, allowing ALP to expand its research and development sector to a commercial level. With original plans to expand their research & development sector further down the line, the savings they made on the machinery from our factory clearance brought those plans forward.


Managing the logistics of such a large volume of machinery required a thorough strategy. Our logistics and direct from site teams worked closely with Chromalloy and ALP to finalise every detail. Additionally, the machinery and equipment was being split between three locations in England, France & Germany.

Decommissioning & disconnections, including some very specialist requirements was handled by a combination of in-house engineers and expert subcontracts.

Packing and wrapping the goods in protective materials to withstand the physical agitation of being transported was critical and of course the arrangement of transport vehicles and loading equipment.

Customs paperwork and packing lists all prepared meant lorries were loaded in time for Chromalloy’s last weeks of being open.

Why is it One of the Best Outcomes We Could Have Hoped For?

Benefiting one of the biggest collaborations of companies in today's turbine manufacturing industry, the closing of a factory known for its quality turbine manufacturing has gained a positive spin as the machinery will remain in the industry. This provides the chance for expansion and growth to keep the industry going strong in the UK and Europe, which contributes to a healthy network of high value manufacturing and expertise.

An opportunity that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the reach of our platform; Rileys take pride in our established reputation in the surface finishing industry that makes successful outcomes like this possible.

"Coming across Rileys via Google when looking for used industrial equipment, we saw great opportunity & potential in the machinery included in their Chromalloy Factory Clearance event. After visiting the site, Rileys managed communication with Chromalloy on our behalf to win a purchase offer, organising a complex decommissioning, loading, and shipment to three different locations in the UK, Germany, and France, all in a few weeks. A successful project for our group.
Rileys provided an excellent, efficient & pleasant service throughout, I would recommend them to others looking to sell/buy surface finishing machinery."
Dr Ehsan Sabet, UK Representative & Technical Consultant for the European Consortium

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