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Chromalloy Success: Factory Clearance and Financial Expectations Exceeded

Factory Clearance and Financial Expectations Exceeded

Worldwide manufacturer Chromalloy has seen the benefits of our ‘Direct From Site’ service over the last few months. Riley Surface World’s unique approach has returned cleared factory space and returned significant funds to the Chromalloy closure project, well beyond targets and expectations.

A manufacturing giant within the industry, Chromalloy is known for their specialism in gas turbines. Their expert reputation is well deserved with the high standard of finishes they achieve, backed up by a range of excellent machinery to make it happen.

Objective of the Direct From Site Clearance

Reaching out to us in the summer of 2022 following the positive experience of a previous DFS event, Chromalloy had announced they were restructuring aspects of the company, including the closure of their Derby premises.

Set a deadline to have the factory machinery cleared out by the end of March 2023 Riley Surface World had six months to sell all the machinery and ancillaries of value. Recognising the difficulty and sensitivity around closing a manufacturing site, the Riley’s team were able to start work straight away advising Chomalloy towards their goals.

The Preparation

Maximising financial return with the practical limits of a project like this factory clearance means recognising where the value lies in the assets and the opportunities available in the market.

Much of this work involves cataloguing and assessing plant and machinery so it can be presented in the best way to the best buyers.

Our DFS team have years' of experience so we began working with Chromalloy to finalise the asset list for sale and proceeded with our data collection:

  • Gathering the available manuals and service history
  • Inspecting the machinery condition and further information
  • Professionally photographing all machinery and equipment
  • Filming all the connected machinery for individual operating videos
  • Engaging OEMs and partners

Given the scale of the clearance, featuring over 100 machines, this was no small task. However, this in-depth approach proved to be one of the key factors in making the factory clearance project so successful.

Results - Exceeding Expectations

With the machinery listings ready to go live, email alerts and marketing campaigns prepared, the event was launched to the market in phases to drive engagement and interest of buyers

Results were instant with buyers fully aware of the quality, value and opportunity on offer.

Fast forward a few months, and with the continued support from Riley Surface World’s in-house marketing team to get the machines out to the market, over 100 machines have now been sold. The machines are ready to go to their new owners; our DFS team has been working with our logistics to transport them around the world – more on the experience and achievement of our operational and logistics to come later.

A Unique Approach to Factory Clearance That Works

Reflecting the original objectives from Chromalloy, Rileys has successfully cleared the Derby premises within the project timeline, achieving Chromalloy a fantastic financial return beyond their initial expectations. That says nothing of flexibility, teamwork and advice that has added considerable value to the factory clearance project.

The approach of our Direct From Site team, including the true valuations and honest portrayal of all the machinery and equipment is tried and tested. Giving an event time to mature and build momentum with a real understanding of the value on offer produces results.

If you are looking for a more beneficial option for your next liquidity project or factory clearance, contact our Direct From Site team now at [email protected] to find out what we can do for you.

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Factory Clearance and Financial Expectations ExceededFactory Clearance and Financial Expectations Exceeded

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