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Chromalloy Success: Decommissioning and Transport Expertise Delivered

Decommissioning and Transport Expertise Delivered

After the success of selling so many machines from our Chromalloy Factory Clearance event, the next stage was to get the goods safely transported to their new owners. Transporting over a hundred machines and pieces of equipment to the UK, Europe & Mexico, meant the experience of our Direct From Site and logistics teams is was critical.

In particular four high calibre vacuum furnaces required additional efforts from our logistics team. Working alongside specialists to get the plant moved, the thorough approach of our logistics team shone through to achieve their safe arrival.

Getting Machinery Prepared for Transport

In advance of loading and transporting, the machines and equipment needed to be disconnected, a task we worked on with the on-site Chromalloy team, disconnecting 80% of the machinery. The remaining machines such as the vacuum furnaces were disconnected by specialist contractors due to their more technical and demanding specifications.

Continuing our preparation for haulage, we also sent in a focused team from Rileys to wrap and pack the goods. Protecting the machines from potential transport damage and getting ready the goods which required to be secured to pallets for easy loading was part of the day job for our warehouse-based team who handle hundreds of machines a year. This included building custom crates for the more delicate machines.

Transporting 100+ Machines

The machines ready, the next challenge was getting it all transported to their new owners.

To manage such a large volume of machines for transportation, our logistics team used software to determine the optimum loading and layout on the transport vehicles. Inputting the measurements of the vehicles plus that of the machines, we were able to digitally experiment for the best loading layout of machines to utilise the space best and save on vehicle costs.

Using over 30 vehicles, including step frames lorries, low-loading lorries and mega trailers, our loading plans delivered smooth onsite operations including coordinating specialist lifting and handling contractors.

Generating packing lists & commercial invoices for each vehicle was a critical part of exporting goods and again our team delivered working closely with buyers.

Vacuum Furnaces – No Sweat

Aware of the specialist nature of vacuum furnaces and demand from around the world Rileys had done the homework before listing these furnaces for sale. Not only large and expensive these complicated furnaces had challenges to transport, right down to being too big for the factory doors.

With our factory clearance featuring four of these, they were one of the highlights of the Direct From Site event. Available for a fraction of the price and no lead time, they created a lot of interest as a new vacuum furnace can cost huge sums with a long lead time for construction.

We Don’t Operate in a Vacuum

Popular with our global customer base, these furnaces ended up being shipped to France & Mexico. To achieve success Rileys worked with specialist engineers to decommission, pack, move, load and ship; the advantage of many years trading and the connections that build up.

Due to their large size, it meant the furnaces were out of gauge (OOG) and wouldn’t fit in a shipping container. As well as the operational logistics this required additional movement order paperwork as supplied by our team for transport.

Combined with the additional packing for protection and specialist assistance for loading the furnaces with a versa lift, the furnaces were soon on their travels along with the rest of the machinery.

Deadline Met & Factory Cleared

A full factory clearance is a challenge to everyone; employees, finance, contracts, services, civil engineering, and environmental impacts all need to be handled before keys are handed over on a property.

Finding a sustainable way to clear machinery and plant that returns funds to a project within a deadline is where Riley step in and yet again got the professionalism and experience of our Direct From Site team got the job done.

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Decommissioning and Transport Expertise DeliveredDecommissioning and Transport Expertise DeliveredDecommissioning and Transport Expertise Delivered

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