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Download our latest 44 page Used Machinery Magazine today. Riley's Machine World includes full details of the major aerospace factory disposal at Cobham Mission Equipment, Wimborne, UK.
Viewing is on March 10/11 and 17/18 by appointment only. See examples below or go straight to SPECIAL OFFERS.

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Proceco Typhoon AWW Wheel Wash Plant

This aircraft wheel washer is designed to clean up to 30 wheel hubs of any size in an 8 hour shift. The unit uses the latest aqueous cleaning technology to remove grease, rubber residues, dirt and brake dust from wheel hubs.

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Boge SF 150 Air Compressor

A high specification, frequency controlled air compressor which produces the exact volume of compressed air at the required pressure. Suitable for small air reservoir situations or fluctuating demands, featuring drive and fan motors with free air delivery.

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DeGussa Durferrit Salt bath with Rapid Transporter and Quench Tank

Large, high specification, salt bath heat treatment plant for the bright annealing of aerospace grade aluminium used in forming processes. Complete with same size quench tank and rapid transporter.

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