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Morrisflex Triangulated Back Stand Idler


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Grinding belt attachment.
Collective Auction
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm)
500 x 1300 x 1560


The Morrisflex extra heavy duty free standing backstand, was designed to turna standard polishing lathes into an abrasive belt Machines

The unit is free standing and is usually placed behind a polishing lathe allowing large belts up to 120 mm wide and 3000 mm long to be fitted. The polishing lathe when fitted with a contact wheel can then be used as an abrasive belt grinding machine and also as a polishing machine when bobs and mops are substituted.

The guarding of the attachment includes a catchment area whereby, extraction of the waste dust and debris can be made through the casing of the body and exiting through the attached extraction spigots.

The Morrisflex design allows both abrasive belt grinding and mop polishing and finishing to be performed at the same time from a standard polishing lathe with the control positioned at the operators work station for easy wheel tracking and tensioning. 

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