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Donaldson Torit (DCE) DFO 4-24R ATEX Rated Reinforced Dust Extraction Unit

Stock No
Donaldson Torit (DCE)
DFO 4-24-R
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
11,770 // 20,000
Filter Area ft² / m²
4553ft2 // 423.6M2
Other Info
30kw Fan / Reverse Pulse
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1635 x 4000 x 5000 Approx.
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Donaldson Torit DF0 4-24/R (Reinforced) ATEX Reverse Pulse 24 Cartridge Downflow Oval Dust Collector

DFO Features:

  • Lower initial cost per cubic foot of air per minute.
  • Higher efficiency—cleaner air.
  • Lower pressure drop— greater energy savings.
  • Fewer filter changeouts.
  • Reduced filter disposal cost.
  • Easy system setup.
  • Less maintenance.

Technical Specification

  • Filter Type: Reverse Jet Filter
  • Filter Ref: DFO 4-24 filter unit
  • Number of Filter Elements: 24
  • Filter Size (WxDxH): 1635mm x 2099mm x 5535mm 
  • Filter Area: 423.6m2
  • Filter Velocity: 0.009m/sec
  • Filter Media: Ultra Web®
  • Hopper and Support: Included
  • Dust Disposal Method: Rotary valve to clients bin(s) (Nederman)
  • Filter Controller: IPC control board to IP65 spec
  • Compressed Air Requirements: 16.2 Nm³/hr FAD at 7 bar for 10 sec pulse intervals
  • Pulse Noise Level: < 78 dB (A)
  • Power Requirements (IPC Controller): 105-115V AC or 200-240V AC 50/60 Hz or 24 Volt DC
  • Explosion Rating: ST1
  • Explosion Panels: Roof of filter unit
  • Pressure Loss Through Filter: Clean - 25mm ( 1") WG // Dirty - 75mm (3") WG
  • Design Temperature: -10°C to + 65°C

Technical Specification of RHF Fan

  • kW Rating: 37kW
  • Serial No: CEN13-437269
  • Flow rate 180 - 500 M³/Min.
  • Weight: 1365kg
  • Volume: 30,000 m³/hr
  • CFM Rating: 17,650
  • Static Pressure: 350mm WG @ 20°c
  • Pascals: 9787 (1 mm H²O = 8.91 pascals)
  • Speed: 1470 rpm
  • Max Temp: 50°C

Easy to Use

Quick-release handles provide easy cover removal and faster filter access.


Smaller footprints for applications that require maximum cleaning efficiency in even smaller spaces.


DFO collectors provide 25% more capacity than same-sized dust collectors.

Cost Effective

The proprietary ExtraLife™ Filter Cleaning System averages up to 30% increase in pulse cleaning energy for unmatched cleaning ability.


Unique oval-shaped Ultra-Web® cartridge filters provide the longest filter life and highest filtration efficiency, lowering cost.

High Performance Filters

The Downflo Oval filter design is another indication of Donaldson Torit’s commitment to technical research and development. The distinguishing factor in our filters is Ultra-Web® filtration technology. Ultra-Web fine fibre media uses a layer of fibres 0.2 to 0.3 microns in diameter to capture contaminants on the surface of the media less than one micron in size. The resulting dust cake is easily cleaned off during the automated collector cleaning cycles providing cleaner air for longer.

Unique Oval Shape Contributes To Higher Airflow Capacity

The Downflo Oval filter design is a reflection of Donaldson Torit’s commitment to technical research and development. High performance oval-shaped filters handle up to 25% more airflow without increasing velocities, which can cause filter abrasion. Sophisticated FLUENT®*Airflow Modeling Software revealed that oval-shaped cartridge filters have fewer areas of high velocity, resulting in a lower potential for media abrasion and increased filter life.

Convex Side Walls

Technical discoveries improve filtration performance and prolong filter life. A new cabinet design with convex side walls streamlines the airflow path and increases the cabinet’s cross-sectional area. The convex side walls provide more space between filters, lower cabinet velocities and reduce the potential for media abrasion.

Pulse Cleaning Technology

ExtraLife™ Filter Cleaning System uses proprietary, computer-modelled pulse cleaning technology to easily “pulse off” dust from the surface of the filter, improving filtration efficiency and prolonging filter life. The red lines in the illustration show the increased pressure at the front of the Downflo filter generated by the ExtraLife system. The blue line shows the pulse signature of a standard cartridge collector.

Fan - 2000mm x 1400mm x 1800mm
Size - 1635mm x 4000mm x 5000mm Approx.

Additional Features

  • Ladders and support structure
  • Explosion valve
  • Ducting and silencer 

Formerly Installed at Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss WrightThis machine was formerly installed at Global engineering group Curtiss-Wright's Surface Technology Division in the UK.

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