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Haier Commercial Outdoor Air Conditioning Units

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30 November 2023 15:00 GMT while stocks last
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From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Gloucester, UK
Stock No
Year of Manufacture
AA9AG 5E4UO OAZM1 K0001/K0002/K0003
From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Compressor Type
DC Inverter Compressor and Fan Motor
Other Info
Refrigerant - R410A 10Kgs
Gloucester, UK
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3 off Commercial, Haier Outdoor Air Conditioning Units. 

When you need to heat and cool a multi-room commercial space, the MRV 5 series systems offer many benefits. The outdoor units contain a powerful, high-efficiency, full DC inverter compressor and fan motor to power a variety of indoor units. Each can quickly reach maximum output to provide quick heating or cooling to each indoor space.

High Efficiency 

  • Highly efficient full DC inverter compressor and fan motor.
  • 21" serrated-edge fan blade allows higher air movement at a lower sound level.
  • Large coil and 2-stage sub-cooling circuit increase performance when the demand is high.
  • Air-cooled electrical box helps increase reliability.

Easy to Install

  • Built-in handles and designed skid for handling and rigging ease.
  • Two-pipe refrigerant lines save time and resources.
  • Multiple piping connections simplify any job site condition.
  • Optional branch connector kits allow the use of FlexFit indoor units for application flexibility.

Optimized Comfort

  • PID pressure sensor enables more precise temperature control.
  • Non-reversing 4-way valve avoids temperature fluctuation and component stresses.
  • Night time mode for quiet operation.

Energy Saving

  • Optimized design, intelligent control with full DC inverter EVI compressors.
  • More efficiency in preventing the scroll gas leakage, reducing the scroll clearance volume.
  • Top 3 ranking in EER/IEER/COP/SCHE
  • Low ambient performance, Heating working range down -13F 
  • Heating capacity @5°F 80% of rated 
  • Heating capacity @-4°F 70% of rated 
  • Heating capacity @-13°F 60% of rated


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