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Ambiflow NoX Twin Vertical Pack Tower Fume Scrubbers

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Hydro Aluminum Anodising & Brightening Finishing Plant
From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Gloucester, UK
Stock No
22,000 Nm³/h NOx System
Year of Manufacture
A1443/18 & A1444/18
From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Approx Duty CFM / M³/Hr
13,000 // 22,000 (per Tower)
Filter Area ft² / m²
NOx Series (Oxidize and Neutralize)
Other Info
Self Contained Fume Scrubber
Gloucester, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2,400 Ø x 9,000 H
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Ambiflow fume scrubber vertical cylindrical nitrous oxide cleaning towers designed to remove waste particles, chemicals and liquids from a gas stream. Capable of running continuously.

Principle of Operation

Air enters the base of the scrubber and is drawn upwards through the packed media bed and exits at the top.
The base of the unit is a reagent tank fitted with a circulation pump from which the reagent is pumped to spray bars located directly above the packed media bed.

The flow of the reagent through the packed media bed is therefore vertically downwards back to the reagent tank whilst the air to be cleansed is flowing in the opposite direction.
The tortuous route through the packed media bed ensures full wetting and good contact between the air and the reagent.

Technical Specification

The system includes two towers in series, with the following features:

  • Flow up to 22,000 m³/h
  • Packing with 4500mm height
  • 3.5 s of residence time
  • 32 m³/m².h of flooding
  • Tower 1 oxidizing tower with H2O2 (500 mV) and NaOH (pH 8)
  • Tower 2 neutralization with NaOH (pH 11)
  • Mist eliminator type Kimre for low size ( less than 5 microns)
  • Automatic bleeding for recirculation solution.
  • Automatic chemical dosing.
  • New fan direct with 22Kw.
  • Use of osmose water for make-up.

These features allow system to run continuously in automatic and with warranty of cleaning efficiency.

** Total duty in series maximum of 22,000 CFM. It is possible to separate the the towers and make two systems each capable of 22,000 CFM. **

Estimated System consumptions:

  • Electricity consumption: 50 Kw
  • Water consumption: 1.2 m³/day
  • NaOH 50% consumption: 50 Kg/day
  • H2O2 35% consumption: 110 Kg/day

Efficiency is 95% for 300 ppm peek, allowing 4 loads an hour to have means below 10ppm in exhaust air.

Supply System via Chemical Oxidation to NOx, Q=22000m³/h, includes:

  • 2 Vertical Scrubbers, in PE-HD, with D2450mm
  • Droplet separator and mist eliminator
  • Spraying system
  • PVC recirculation circuit
  • 2 Manometers
  • 2 pH controllers
  • 1 rH controller
  • 2 Levels visual type with 2 contacts
  • Water make-up
  • Automatic manual bleeding with flowmeter
  • Piping and fittings connecting the scrubbers and 2 fans, include back flow dampers, damper, inlet and outlet fan collectors.
  • Retention bassin for 2 IBC, for H2O2;
  • 1 Dosing pump for H2O2, with protection box in PE-HD;
  • 2 Dosings pump for NaOH, with protection box in PE-HD;
  • NaOH lines from tank to injection point;
  • Emergency shower;
  • Manual.

Supply 2 Pumps centrifuge, brand Callela, model MP3, Q=160m³/h, 15kW.

Supply 2 Radial fans, brand Hurner Luft, model HFR 630-13 D (DS1).

  • Housing-material: PP-FR
  • Impeller-material: FRP
  • Motor coupling: Directo
  • Inlet diameter: 630mm
  • Volume flow: 22000m³/h
  • Total pressure difference: 2550Pa
  • Static pressure difference: 2400Pa
  • Operating speed: 1550rpm
  • Shaft power: 19,5kW
  • Motor power: 30kW
  • Sound pressure level Lp2A (1m): 83dB(A)
  • Impeller efficiency: 78,5%
  • Motor speed: 1480rpm
  • Voltage: 3~400/690V
  • Frequency: 42Hz
  • Rated current: 39A
  • Enclosure/motor protection: IP55/PTC

Electric cabinet with frequency converter (RD automation)

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