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Timesavers Model 12-Serie-600-WW Deburring Machine

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Timesavers Grindingmasters
Brand New, Excellent Condition, Current Model
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Year of Manufacture
Brand New, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Head 1: 1500 – Head 2: 1500
Hd 1 7.5kW /10Hp : Hd 2 5kW / 6.7Hp
Other Info
Belt width 600mm
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1160 x 1570 x 1820


Timesavers 12 series 600 WW  Wide Belt Grinding Machine for Grinding, finishing and removal of burrs

A wide belt grinder is a stationary machine which grinds the surfaces of work pieces with rotating, endless, wide & abrasive belts
The purpose of grinding or deburring is:
• Elimination of burrs or radiussing edges;
• A high-quality finish or a combination of both

The work piece to be ground is fed into the machine at the infeed side. The conveyor belt feeds the work piece through the machine.
During conveyance the pressure rollers push the work piece against the conveyor belt. When the work piece is fed through the machine, it is
processed by the contact roller heads The contact rollers are driven by V-belts and electric motors.

The contact roller head consists of a contact roller and a tension roller around which an abrasive belt is tensioned. The tension roller is used to tension the abrasive belt and to track it by means of the oscillation. The abrasive belt is driven by the contact roller. Passing under the contact roller, the work piece is ground. Then it leaves the machine at the outfeed side.

The work piece can be ground with one or two heads in one pass.

The conveyor table is adjustable in height and suitable for work pieces of different thickness.
Through the dust hood the dust which is produced during grinding is extracted.

Machine Application
Type  of product:  Flat parts
Minimal dimensions (w x d x h): Any size that will stay on the conveyor belt during the process
Maximal dimensions (w x d x h):  600 x n/a x 125 mm
Maximal weight: 25 kg
Type of material: Steel, stainless steel and aluminium
Results after operation:  Finished and burrs removed (All materials must be free from Oil and Grease)

Machine features

  • Easy operation by means of pushbuttons with light indicator on/off.
  • Load meter indicates percentage of motor load, allowing full use of grinding belts and available horsepower.
  • Transport Speed control
  • Height Adjustment


  • Product conveyor table is constructed of heavy plate steel. Precision-machined top mounted on four synchronized lead screws.
  • Conveyor belt, super-grip profile, oil resistant driven by variable feed unit.
  • Motorized table height adjustment 1 to 125 mm suitable for almost every part.
  • Thickness read-out in mm.

 Pressure rollers for accurate guiding of parts

  • Pressure rollers: oil and heat resistant, plain-faced rolls to ensure positive feeding of most parts. These rollers are covered with thick high flexible rubber for spring load action.

 Additional equipment

  • Main frame: fabricated of heavy steel plate properly ribbed to avoid vibration and deflection.
  • Dynamic balancing: all high-speed rollers and contact roller are dynamically balanced to prevent hammering-out of vital parts and preserve machine life.
  • Access doors on operation side of the machine for maintenance and quick change of abrasive belts.
  • Dust extraction funnel where the dust is formed to ensure cleaner, better and more consistent work.
  • Brake, stops grinding head when limit switch is tripped or estop is activated.
  • Main switch door lock.
  • Hour counter.


  • Finger protection if the hinged guard is triggered, conveyor will stop immediately.
  • If a door is opened during operation, the machine will stop automatically.
  • Emergency stops at infeed- and outfeed side of the machine.

Technical specifications

General specifications  12-600-WW



Max. working width



Abrasive belt length x width

1525 x 630


Table height opening

1 - 125








Feed speed freq. controlled, variable speed

1.5 - 9








Main motor belt heads

2 x 7.5


Conveyor motor



Electrical connection



Mains frequency



Control voltage






Compressed air



Air pressure required



Air consumption






Total dust extraction capacity



Extraction capacity required at 100 mm WC

± 2000





Weight unpacked



Weight of machine

Approx. 1200



Wide abrasive belt contact roller heads (WW)

For deburring and finishing

  • Contact roller: 120mm diameter made of special “flexible” vulcanized rubber with special profiled and grooved face making it suitable for deburring and finishing.
  • Single speed main motor.
  • Hand wheel fine adjustment for head height.
  • Quick release bolt that locks and unlocks for quick change of abrasive belts and provides rigid support of the grinding head.
  • Grinding belt tension: air operated and activated by a switch. Air tensioning automatically compensates for belt stretch. Machine cannot be started unless belt is tensioned.
  • Grinding belt tracking: a photoelectric system automatically keeps the fast revolving abrasive belt on the head. Due to this life time of belt improves.
  • Belt trimmer: knob to further adjust the abrasive belt.        

Machine Specification
Work width 600 mm Abrasive belt 1525 x 630 mm Electronic oscillation

Grinding head 1
Contact roller head Contact roller 65° Shore Main motor 7.5 kW

Grinding head 2
Contact roller head Contact roller 45° Shore Main motor 5 kW

Table and feed

  • Motorized table height adjustment 1-127 mm, digital read out
  • Conveyor motor 0.75 kW
  • Feed speed frequency-inverted, 1.5-9 m/min
  • Pressure rollers spring loaded

Main switch 400 Volt, 50 Hz
Sound pressure level ca. 79 dBA


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Additional files

Machine Layout

Dimensional Drawing

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.