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Timesavers Grindingmaster MSB B 600 Belt Linisher

Direct From Site Clearance

Price [?]
Please call on +44 (0) 1922 45 8000
Part of a Direct Site Clearance
Timesavers Grindingmasters
Stock No
MSB B 600
Hd 1 13kW /21Hp : Hd 2 11kW / 14Hp
Other Info
600mm wide belt
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
1170 x 1730 x 2090


Description of the Machine Parts & Operation

  • Easy operations by means of push buttons with light indicator on/off.
  • Load meter indicates percentage of motor load, allowing full use of sanding belts and available horsepower.
  • Transport Mechanical variable speed.
  • Height Adjustment.
  • Grinding Head -W-
  • Contact roller: 150mm diameter made of special “Flexible” vulcanised 65º Shore rubber with special profiled grooved face that makes it suitable for deburring and finishing.
  • Hand wheel fine adjustment in height of the head with a precision of 0.01mm to change pressure or for abrasive belt thickness. The displacement can be read out on the dial indicator.
  • Outboard support: quick release bolt that locks and unlocks for quick change of abrasive belts and provides rigid support of the grinding head.
  • Grinding belt tension: air operated and activated by a switch. Air tensioning automatically compensates for belt stretch. The machine cannot be started unless the belt is tensioned.
  • Grinding belt tracking: a photoelectric system automatically keeps the fast revolving abrasive belt on the head. Due to this lifetime of belt improves.
  • Belt trimmer: knob to correct tracking of abrasive belt.
  • 2-Speed main motor.

Brushing Head -B-

  • Scotch Brite brush
  • ± Ø 180mm diameter. The brush can rotate with and against the feed direction, chosen by the selector switch.
  • Hand wheel for height adjustment of the brush to compensate for brush wear and brushing pressure. The displacement can be read out on the dial indicator.
  • Quick and easy slide-out of brush: the main shaft with the brush can be removed quickly for brush change.
  • Oscillation: 40 strokes per minute, which ensures an even wear on the brush and a good deburring result.

Feed Bed

  • Conveyor table constructed of heavy plate steel. Precision-machined top mounted on four synchronised screw jacks.
  • Conveyor belt, flat, oil resistant.
  • Variable feed unit.
  • Manual table height adjustment with constant pass 1 to 100mm and will accommodate most parts.
  • Digital thickness read-out in mm.
  • Hand wheel for fine adjustment.

Pressure Rollers for Accurate Guiding of Parts

  • Spring loaded pressure rollers: sets of two rollers, oil and heat resistant, plain-faced rolls to ensure positive feeding of most parts. These rollers are covered with thick high flexible rubber for spring load action.

Additional Equipment

  • Mainframe: fabricated of heavy steel plate properly ribbed to avoid vibration and deflection.
  • Dynamic balancing: all high-speed rollers and contact roller are dynamically balanced to prevent hammering-out of vital parts and preserve machine life.
  • Access doors on both sides of the machine for ease of maintenance and quick change of abrasive belts.
  • Dust extraction where the dust is formed to ensure cleaner, better and more consistent work.
  • Brake stops grinding head when the limit switch is tripped or emergency stop is activated.
  • Jog switch to reverse feed.
  • Electric main switch.

CE and Safety

  • Finger protection: if the hinged guard is triggered, the conveyor will stop immediately.
  • Emergency stops at infeed and outfeed sides of the machine, with a manual reset button.


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Additional files

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.