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Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS) Cooling Cell

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Industrial Cooling Systems Cooling Cell
From a working environment, Excellent Condition
Stock No
Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS)
Cooling Cell
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Excellent Condition
Ave. cooling capacity
Chiller@ 206 Air Blast Cooler @ 349 kw
Ave. Water Flow Rate
Chiller@ 7.67 Air Blast Cooler @16.7 l/s
Other Info
Includes Weir Plated tank for Gycol
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
9600 x 3200 x 2200 (Footprint)


Super efficient and economical the Cooling Cell made up of Climaveneta Chiller, Transtherm Air Blast Cooler and Weir Plated Tank for Glyco. Including numerous pumps and stainless steel pipework supplied by Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS).

Previously located at Ecosteel in West Lothian, Scotland, the cell was used to support their significant heat treatment installation, comprising of four substantially sized furnaces, by maintaining the temperature of the associated Quench Tank.

Description of the Cell's Functionality

  • The cell works in harmony to supply continuous cooling and offers the user huge savings in running costs.
  • The adiabatic air blast cooler provides 'free' year round cooling, doing the vast bulk of the work.
  • Water feeds into the airblast cooler, continuously circulating to provide ongoing cooling.
  • The air blast cooler has a three point valve located next to a temperature sensor.
  • The valve remains closed so long as the cooler is maintaining a set point temperature and continuing to bypass the chiller.
  • Only when rising external temperatures trigger the sensor will the chiller be required.
  • If a rise in temperature is detected then the valve opens and it allows water into Glycol mixing tank.
  • The tank then feeds the Glycol liquid solution into the chiller.
  • This activates the chiller and the compressor kicks in.
  • For the majority of the time the chiller (whilst always on standby) remains inactive.
  • Therefore over time it has had very little use and is only required during hotter spells throughout the summer months.
  • During the colder winter months the Glycol acts as an anti-freeze, protecting the pipes and equipment from freezing throughout the year. Also protecting the equipment from any type of residual build up of any unwanted deposits.

Climavaneta NX / CA 0562P High Efficiency 206kw Liquid Chiller 

The CA high efficiency versions of NX Climaveneta Liquid Chillers ensure the highest efficiency level of the category. Offering the best solution in all installations where energy saving is required. NX Liquid Chillers achieve excellent energy efficiency while keeping the footprint to a minimum.

Transtherm Cooling Industries Limited Air Blast Cooler

The Air Blast Cooler system uses a dry air cooler with a 3-way valve to divert and cool the process fluid in a conventional chiller system.

Weir Plated Tank

  • Nominal capacity: 1500 litres
  • Construction: GRP with foam installation and reinforced by square section steel tubing
  • Tank base: Encapsulated marine plywood
  • Tank connections:  Fitted to work in conjunction with air blast cooler and chiller
  • Internal dimensions: 1580mm x 1070mm x 1000 mm

External Dimensions

  • Chiller: 3200mm x 2480mm x 2200mm
  • Cooler: 5920mm x 2780mm x 1620mm
  • Tank: 1700mm x 1130mm x 1300mm

Fully Supported by OEMs

ICS LogoTranstherm LogoICS Cooling placed and supported this cell and cooling machinery with seller. They are available for installation, support and spares.
Transtherm Cooling has offered advice and spares for their Air Blast Cooler.
Riley Surface World is grateful for the support of both OEMs. Having quality machinery supported by OEMs proves what a excellent offering these machines are to buyers.

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