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Climaveneta NX / CA 0562P High Efficiency Liquid Chiller

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Industrial Cooling Systems Cooling Cell
Stock No
NX / CA 0562P
Year of Manufacture
Ave. cooling capacity
Ave. Water Flow Rate
7.67 l/s
Other Info
80mm pipe inlet,Inc Plate heat exchanger
Our Central Warehouse, Aldridge, UK
Weight (kgs)
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
3200 x 2480 x 2200


Climavaneta NX / CA 0562P High Efficiency Liquid Chiller

Outdoor unit for the production of chilled water including:

  • Hermetic Rotary Scroll Compressors (two compressors in a single-circuit configuration)
  • Ozone-Friendly Refrigerant R410A
  • Axial-Flow Fans
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Aluminium Micro-Channel Air Coils 
  • Electronic Expansion Valve

Class A Efficiency

The full range is available with the class A efficiency rating. Thanks to the generous sizing of the heat exchangers and accurate control of the fan speed, the CA versions grant a premium level of efficiency in every noise configuration.

Aluminium Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers

The NX family uses aluminium micro-channel condenser coils that deliver premium efficiency whilst ensuring a reduced refrigerant volume and a
lower unit weight. The traditional copper/aluminium tube and fin coils are available as an alternative. A full range of protective treatments assures the highest level of resistance to corrosion in any condition, even in the most aggressive atmospheres.

Electronic Expansion Valve Supplied as Standard

The use of the electronic expansion valve generates considerable benefits, especially in cases of variable demand and different external conditions. It has been introduced into these units as a result of accurate design choices concerning the cooling circuit and the optimisation of operation in various different working conditions. The electronic expansion valve comes standard in the high-efficiency CA version.

Wide Operating Range

Full load operation is ensured with outdoor air temperature up to 46°C partial load operation is possible up to or even beyond 50°C. The unit can produce chilled water at negative temperature (down to -10°C of leaving water temperature). Dedicated accessories allow the unit operation down to -20°C of outdoor air temperature.

Integrated Hydronic Module

The optional built-in hydronic module already contains the main water circuit components; it is available with single or twin in-line, for achieving both low or high head.

Unit Standard Composition Structure

Structure specifically designed for outdoor installation. Basement and frame in hot-galvanised shaped sheet steel with a suitable thickness. All parts polyester-powder painted to assure total weather resistance.


Compressors are fastened to the unit's frame with anti-vibration mountings, located in a separate compartment from the ventilation section. The soundproofing enclosure of the compartment has a thickness of 30 mm on the sides and on top and 15mm on the bottom. Hermetic scroll compressors in tandem layout complete with oil sump heater, electronic overheating protection with centralised manual reset and a two-pole electric motor.

Plant Side Heat Exchanger

Braze welded AISI 316 plate heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is lined on the outside with 9mm thick closed-cell neoprene lagging to prevent condensation, with a thermal conductivity of 0,33 W/mk at 0°C. The heat exchanger is fitted with a differential pressure switch to monitor the correct flow of water when the unit is operating, thus preventing ice from forming inside; if no flow is detected, the frost protection function is activated using a special heater.

Source Side Heat Exchanger

  • Full-aluminium microchannel coil.
  • Longitudinal V-shaped coil module: Coil structure made with an open-angle Longitudinal V-shaped layout.
  • Horizontal V-shaped coil module: Coil structure made with an open-angle Horizontal V-shaped layout.

Fan Section Source Side

Axial electric fans, protected to IP 54, with external rotor and plastic-coated aluminium blades. Housed in aerodynamic hoods complete with safety grille. Electric motor with built-in overload protection.
Fans diameter: 450m, 800mm or 910 mm according to the unit's size and version. Whilst the electric motor could come with 4 poles, 6 poles or 8 poles according to the unit's size and version.

Continuous adjustment of the fan speed on units: Version CA, sizes 0152P..0262P

Press Static Fan Control

Adjustment of the fan speed with auto-transformer on units: versions SL-CA, sizes 0152P..0812P

Refrigerant circuit

Main components of the cooling circuit single circuit in tandem compressors R410A refrigerant
The total ratio between refrigerant charge and cooling capacity* lower than 0,12 g/W (versions K, LN-K, SL-K, CA)

Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Drier filter with replaceable cartridge
  • Refrigerant line sight glass with humidity indicator
  • Electronic expansion valves (versions CA, LN-CA, SL-CA)
  • High and low pressure transducers
  • High and low pressure safety valve
  • Safety switching device for limiting the pressure
  • Crankcase heater on each compressor
  • Cooling capacity according to Eurovent conditions: water(in/out) (27°C, outdoor temperature 35°C)

Electrical and Control Panel

Electrical and control panel built to EN60204-1 and EC204-1 standards, complete with:

  • General door lock isolator
  • Control circuit
  • IP44 XW protection
  • Power circuit with electric bus bar distribution system (sizes 702, 712, 802, 812)
  • Numbered cables
  • Electric circuit breakers for compressors and fans
  • Remote ON/OFF terminals
  • Terminals for cumulative alarm block
  • Relays for remote pump(s) activation for both circuits (only for units without hydronic pumps)
  • Antifreeze electric heater for heat exchange
  • Electronic controller
  • Multi-language user keypad with LCD display
  • Power supply 400V/3ph/50Hz+N+PE for units: versions CA, sizes 0152P..0262P

General Technical Data

  • Model: NX / CA 0562P
  • Power supply: 400 V/3ph/50 Hz
  • Cooling capacity: 160kW
  • Total power input: 48.9kW
  • Heating capacity: 36.5kW
  • Water flow: 7.67 l/s
  • Pressure drop: 64.4kPa

Refrigerant circuit

  • Number of compressors: 2
  • Number of capacity: 2
  • No. Circuits: 1
  • Regulation: Steps
  • Min. capacity step: 50%
  • Refrigerant: R410A
  • Refrigerant charge: 19kg
  • Oil charge: 13kg


  • Quantity: 4
  • Air flow: 22.68m³/s
  • Fans power input: 2kw

Noise Level

  • Noise pressure: 59dB
  • Sound power level in cooling: 91dB

Fully Supported by OEMs

ICS LogoTranstherm LogoICS Cooling placed and supported this cell and cooling machinery with seller. They are available for installation, support and spares.
Transtherm Cooling has offered advice and spares for their Air Blast Cooler.
Riley Surface World is grateful for the support of both OEMs. Having quality machinery supported by OEMs proves what a excellent offering these machines are to buyers.

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