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Haviland Ltd Saracen AMS 2750 Class 2 Instrumentation Type C, Heat Treatment Oven

Stock No
Haviland Ltd
Electric 550°C 1.5M Box Oven
Year of Manufacture
From a working environment, Excellent Condition, Current Model
Internal Size (WxDxH mm) [?]
1500 x 1500 x 1500mm
Max Temp
Other Info
Vertical Door Stainless Steel Lined
Arriving in our warehouse soon
External Dimensions (WxDxH mm) [?]
2430 x 1989 x 2360 (Door Open 3911mm)


The Saracen modular box oven manufactured by Haviland has been designed to be versatile, safe and reliable. This Saracen is a 1.5M³,  550°C electric oven, fitted with Eurotherm temperature controllers and Eurotherm paperless chart recorder, rise and fall door, with stainless steel internal walls and floor.


  • Laminated interlocking panels.
  • Coated steel panels with 150mm thick mineral wool/foam insulation.
  • Roof panels fit into a tray aperture formed by the wall panels.
  • Explosion relief panel build into the roof sections, in accordance with G16 health and safety at work.
  • Natural vent stack built into carcass of the oven.
  • At the top of the oven there is the fan and heat exchanger fitted to the internal framework.
  • Vertical rise and fall door.
  • Vent to atmosphere Ø150mm.

Heating Elements

A series of electrical elements situated within the oven carcass and coupled to the control panel (rated as the enclosed data sheet) are provided. The elements are mounted within the recirculation air duct system. Access to the heat exchanger is either via a removable duct section or total withdrawal of the heat exchanger through the side wall.

Air Circulation Fans

  • Fan duty 33M³/Min
  • Belt driven, multi vein double exit.
  • 2.2kW motor.
  • The whole of the fan unit is removable for the ease of maintenance.
  • The fan units are plug type which pass through the insulated carcass with the motor and drive mechanism outside in free air and the impeller and fan casing inside.
  • 10 air changes per minute.

Air Circulation

Within the oven carcass a series of ducts are provided to distribute the air to the working hot zone of the unit. Special provision is made to ensure that the correct temperature is achieved and to attain this the inlet ports for the recirculated air are arranged in the side walls of the oven. Where necessary dampers and air turning vanes are incorporated to ensure a smooth flow of air. Situated at high level the collection duct forms the inner roof of the oven and is provided with extraction ports to collect the air for eventual re-heating and recirculation through the oven.


The floor of the oven is the floor of the workshop. This is quite conventional for relatively low temperature ovens as the thermal efficiency of concrete is sufficient to ensure even temperature spread within the hot zone and unless temperatures are excessively high no problem is experienced. We would point out that flaking and cracking can occur and if you are in any doubt about the integrity of your floor, we recommend you contact a reputable civil engineering expert. Workshop floors must be flat and smooth so that the oven can seal to the floor. We have not included for any civil work which may be required to improve the floor or to seal it to the oven other than conventional bead seal to infill undulations up to 5mm in thickness.

 Temperature Uniformity

  • Temperature uniformity is up to ± 5°C of the set point within the hot zone. 
  • Processes covered are:  Annealing (350°C), Solution treatment (500°C), Stress relieving treatment (250°C), Precip - ageing (200°C).
  • Temperature range: 100°C-560°C.
  • SAT's and TUS to± in accordance with AMS 2750 class 2 instrumentation type C.


The control panel is provided and fitted to the side of the oven. It houses the instrumentation, starters, running lights, PLC, push buttons and isolators necessary for the process. Interconnecting wiring from the panel to the oven are included. Also included is the interlocking of the fan via a pressure switch and door operation and quench control monitoring. Features include:

  • Temperature controller Eurotherm 3504 
  • Overtemperature Eurotherm 3216i
  • Paperless recorder Eurotherm 6180A (See attached for more details)

pdf icon Print / Download Haviland Ltd Saracen AMS 2750 Class 2 Instrumentation Type C, Heat Treatment Oven Datasheet

Additional files

Eurotherm 6180

Eurotherm 3504 Manual

Calibration Cert

Photographs taken prior refurbishment. Our refurbishment service is not available on all machines.